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Even though our services are free, after the primary introductory discussion, we collect a nominal fee for the time we spend in subsequent sessions. Of course, if somebody is unable to pay, we give them our service free, but they may be in Que.
Our advice is not at all a substitute for timely & appropriate Medical Advice & Treatment, as well as technological advancements. Anybody is at full freedom to accept or reject our advice.
Before Paying, Read Our Terms & Conditions: https://www.livinginwellbeing.org/terms-conditions/
1) One session/1 Hr/ Indian Clients INR 500
2) One session/1 Hr/ NRI Clients INR 1000/1500
3) One session/1 Hr/ Non-Indians INR 1500/2000
4) For lengthy sessions the amount may vary.
5) We are always flexible & negotiable. Those who are unable to Pay will also be considered, but in the queue.

Thank you for utilizing Our Services. Now Pay & Confirm Your Appointment

Our Online Payment Gateway

Thank you for utilizing Our Services. Now Pay & Confirm Your Appointment

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Union Bank, Kollam Branch 3, Kerala
Name: Centre For Human Perfection
Current A/C No: 510101007241316
IFSC: UBIN0901733

Name: D.Purushothaman
SB Account No: 6112739395
IFSC: KKBK0009296

 If Already Booked & Paid, you may mail at livinginwellbeing@gmail.com

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If you want to talk to me, call directly after 9:00 pm