100 Why We do Questions to Answer

Let us have an interesting question in our life! Have a look at our life retrospectively! Did you ever think about what you thought and said? Do we think about our previous thoughts and deeds? Do you feel that you had insulted somebody? Do you feel that you had made miseries and sufferings to others […]

Understanding Some Success Principles

Every day, in every aspect of our day to day living, we are struggling very much to become successful and creative in one way or other. Everybody has got one's own goals and dreams. It is up to the person concerned to fulfill his specific goals. But if we come to an organization or an […]

Simple Let Go Things in Life

As human beings most of the time we are living in our old concepts and beliefs. It is a common fact in a particular situation, especially when there are various problems and conflicts we are very rigid and stubborn. The very attitude of rigidity will not find a solution to a particular problem and that […]

Some Let Go Things for Happiness

It is a fact that to attain true happiness is our Goal. But many times Even though we try, there are various hindrances and obstacles. We have to bypass these problems very effectively and tactfully. So that we will achieve our goal. Here we are giving some points about which we should have a let […]

Simple ways to become Highly Inspirational

Whether you are in your Home, in the Office or in the Organization where you work or in the present Gathering we should, be more Observational, Creative, Active, Motivational, Transparent, Assertive and more Inspirational. We should become more spectacular by contributing our positive opinions and also becoming a model person to others. To be more […]

Interesting habits of healthy and happy people

It is high time that we should understand Happiness is what we create. It is really an inner state of mind. So also health is a state that we have to develop ourselves very carefully. Health, Happiness and Well-being are the states that we really want in life. Along with that we want to be […]

Some Things Rich and Poor do daily

Rich and Poor people are present in this world from the beginning of the day. Even though we try to reduce the difference between Rich and Poor it still continues and will continue. Here some questions come to our mind. Is Richness a blessing from God? Are people born lucky? Why some people are lucky […]

Do you know these interesting facts about Human Behaviour

Human behaviour is one of the most fantastic and interesting facts. Behaviour and character are the primary quality of everybody. Our behaviour is mainly modified by various factors - Both internal & external. Our mind setup, our thinking, our concepts, Belief and the like play a great role. Our endocrine system also influences our behaviour […]

141 Habits to change your Life

All of us live every day knowingly and unknowingly by the particular choice that we adopt our thoughts greatly influence our actions. Do you know that, if we persistently follow one thought and act accordingly that becomes a daily routine and that becomes a part of our habits. Our habits and behavior reflects on our […]

Simple Life changing Tips

"Things do not change; we change." Henry David Thoreau Changing life is not that difficult as we think. We are always puzzled and confused about how to change our life. We try many methods. We follow many books, we get the advice of the Guru's and Guide's, we depend on mentors and at last we […]

Bad Habits Preventing us from change

Even though most of us want to change our life in the most effective way, some of our old habits (mostly bad) prevent us from moving from our ongoing journey. Knowingly or unknowingly we still have some habits which are a hindrance to our success. Each and every one make some mistakes and problems at […]

20 Simple Truth about change

Have you ever thought that the life be live is interesting, beautiful, but at the same time very mysteries and miraculous. Sometimes, we are astonished, exited and enchanted. But the same time you are put to a series of unresolving problems, miseries, sufferings and other setbacks. It is our prime duty to live in this […]

70 Interesting habits of successfull people

We are living in a world where success and failure are part and parcel of our life. But we as human beings always opt for success. In facts our motto should become a successful person in whatever area you are working. To become successful should be our dream in life. If we look around, we […]

Benefits of Breathing

Breathing is very fundamental to us. From birth to death, we are living only because of our breathing. All of us are habituated on a regular breathing pattern. If we can change our breathing pattern we can definitely make changes in our health and well-being and it will enhance our total life. Most of the […]

Better Rules to live by

To lead a better life is our real necessity. Most of us, most of the time are unaware of how to lead a better life. Throughout the Ages all the Religious and Spiritual teachings all over the world emphasized about the importance of various values and virtues of leading a purposeful life. Here we are […]

100 Ways for Freedom from Stress

Stress is part and parcel of our day to day life. Every day from morning till we are asleep and also from birth to death each and everybody has to face one or other problem in life, which will create a lot of stress and strain. In fact, at one end we are trying to […]

Topics for Blogging

To start writing is sometimes is a problem for many of us. Most of the time we postpone it by saying I will start now, I will start tomorrow, etc. Many of us ask What should I write?, How should I write?, What is the Topic? And the like many questions. To start a blogging […]

Online Fear & Phobia Curing

Book An Appointment An Overview of Our Fear, Phobia & Anxiety Cure Services For Necessary Support complete the Contact Form given below For the severely Depressed, Worried, Tensed, Anxious, and Fearful persons with emotional breakdown, Dr Purushothaman Kollam provides a very effective and quick mind-changing method-an an innovative technology-which suddenly removes the root cause resulting […]

The Importance of Staying Motivated to Achieve Goals

There will always come a time in our lives when we feel like we have lost our will to carry on. We get burnt out in our jobs, lost spark in our relationships, or we no longer find any fun in things we do. Motivation is a serious topic and must not be taken lightly. […]


What if humans had spent many centuries contemplating on the trends of motivation which sit outside the awareness of individuals and support the choices they make? The Enneagram is a system with profound origins which has been built and evolved through several years and several frameworks. It is more than just an exercise in personality […]

Healthy Living Tips - 52

Practice healthy living designs with correct food habits and exercise. Avoid junk foods that create us logy and boring Consume a healthy diet, like vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, lean meat. Exercise half-hour five days per week. Realize that positive thinking is incredibly essential so as to be healthy. Consume more fruits and vegetables with every […]

Happiness In Simple Ways

Endeavor to change the way you look at things. Always look at the bright side. The mind may drag you to think about negativity and difficulties. Don't let it. Look at the good and positive side of every situation. Think of solutions, not problems. Listen to relaxing, uplifting music. Watch funny comedies that make you […]

What are we searching in our Life?

Dear Being, To put it in another way, What do we really want in our Life? It seems difficult to answer this Puzzling Question? Really it is very very Simple!! Pause for a Moment!! Stop thinking about the What, Why, When and Where? Start thinking only about what we really want, experience and attain! Instead […]

Happiness Simplified

Happiness is the innermost human nature.We struggle hard to obtain Happiness in our daily life. But, we don’t really experience it, rather we are ignorant of it. The basic question is, can we really experience and enjoy happiness. Certainly the answer is yes. Now let us understand that the most important entity in our life […]

What I have Learned In My Life

Never be in time -Be early Respect everybody -Especially the elders Don’t forget the persons - Who helped us in Crisis Select and enlist our - Mentors and Advisers Keep away from - Pessimistic persons Always have a - Positive Mental attitude Never take credits for achievements - Pass it to others Appreciate others - […]