Mind, Body and Voice Miraculous Throat Cancer Recovery

  Diana, I am amazed: the doctors - the experts just keep saying 'nothing can be done, be happy for what you have left' and they're wrong. You have proved them wrong with your vocal approach - Tim Bristol, a throat cancer survivor of Niagara Falls, New York. Tim Bristol, a professional musician and singer […]

Master Mind - How to Maximize It

  The areas or aspects where one might want a share may vary: A share in a successful and profitable practice to have a consistent money flow that could take care of bills and allow a prosperous living. A desire for a prolific team that works competently and gets things done on time. A need […]

Success Secrets - Gain Courage by Training Your Subconscious Mind

  You can gain courage by training your subconscious mind in a special way. This exercise is simple to do, but is very powerful. You see, your subconscious will accept and act on any impressions it receives that are repetitive and highly emotional. This training can help improve your life. However, the success or failure […]

The Mind Never Knows

  After a long and needed hiatus, I have returned to the trenches to dedicate myself to the mission that I have been neglecting. I am a writer, but more so, I am a teacher. I spent the last year working for a non-profit organization that at one time, long ago, helped me get back […]

The Subconscious Mind

  Your subconscious mind can be compared to a super computer. Just like a computer you can add and remove programs at your will. Unlike a computer, your subconscious mind can take on vast quantities of information and process all of this data at incredible speeds. When you buy a new computer from a shop, […]

Success And The Disciplined Mind

  A Consciousness Of Mind When we talk about a well disciplined and managed mind, what are we really talking about? Do we mean the tightly controlled and narrowly confined mind of the person consumed by fear? Or are we talking about a mind under the direction of a strong will being applied by conscious […]

Instant Techniques to Calm Your Mind

  Trying to keep up with your hectic schedule can be very stressful. Whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation, you've probably noticed how your mind is not calm and tends to be hyperactive. Have you ever asked yourself the following question? How can I get a hold of myself, find clarity, and be […]

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - How To Control It

  The power of your subconscious mind has been acknowledged as an imperative tool for success. If we could learn how this power can be harnessed, then all of our goals, dreams and aspirations in life can be achieved. Below are some of the helpful steps in controlling this special power within each of us. […]

Is Power Of Subconscious Mind An Easy Thing To Learn?

  The most powerful force in our world is undoubtedly our minds. It is the origin of all our thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviour. Simply put, whatever originates in it gets manifested on the conscious realm. One can understand this by a simple example. When you are watching TV and you want to change the […]

Use The Power Of Subconscious Mind - Are You Ready To Try?

  Whatever an individual says or does, the origin of all his behaviour is in his mind. Thus, human mind is undoubtedly the most power tool ever created in this world. The actions in the mind are what manifests on the conscious realm. Taking a daily activity such as TV watching, what actually happens when […]

Overcoming Fear Using Mind Management

  Fear is one thing that all guys have keep. It is an experience which has been designed because days once we combat through hurling gemstones at each other. Simply by choosing to never overcome as well as working via danger, our personal forebears usually are, in effect defending his or her safety. This type […]

Emotional Affairs: Are They Considered Cheating?

  In our modern world, the meaning of the word "cheating" is no longer confined with physical/sexual affairs but also involves the so-called "emotional affairs". The increasing number of this kind of affair is very alarming; many couples are divorcing and starting to drift apart because of the affairs of their spouses. If you don't […]

Emotional Affair vs Physical Affair

  The idea of your husband or wife being physically intimate with another person is one of the worst aspects of discovering a spouses infidelity. The images replay in the betrayed spouses minds and the feelings of disgust can run deep. However, one can argue you can at least fight sex! The deep connection and […]

How To Grow Up Emotionally

  Our thoughts have a powerful impact on our feelings. They go hand-in-hand in dictating human behavior. If thoughts are the spark, emotions are the flame. Thoughts are the forest, emotions are the trees. Thoughts are the war, emotions are the battle. We become what we think and we behave the way we feel. Negative […]

How To Save Yourself From Emotional Abuse In Marriage?

  A abusive marriage is when your partner hurts you emotionally and even physically. If you have children, that is much worse as you have to worry about them as well. If you want to find out how to save yourself from emotional abuse in marriage, here is my advice. Your marriage relationship is affected […]

How To Use African Religions To Be Emotionally Healthy

  Everything in nature has to flow, including our emotions. Our emotions play a huge role on our health. Too much of a bad thing can have a negative or positive effect on our organs such as the liver, lungs, spleen, and kidneys. Excessive anger is dangerous to the liver. It can also cause headaches, […]

The Effects of Emotional Affairs

  The phrase 'emotional affair' might not sound quite as sinister or dangerous as 'love affair', 'romantic affair' or just the word 'affair' in general. The word 'emotional' almost has a dulling effect on the word it proceeds 'affair' and tends to plant visions of simple words, thoughts, and maybe a few romantically penned lines, […]

Put an End to Emotional Eating

  If you've ever gobbled up a candy bar right before a big meeting with the boss, or spooned your way to the bottom of a pint of ice cream after a bad breakup, then you're familiar with emotional eating. Letting your feelings--instead of hunger--dictate when, what and how much you eat can be very […]

Playing Games Released Your Emotions

  You must have heard about so many ways to control emotions in order to closer to success in daily life and work time. Here, I want to say, just release your emotions, no matter happy, excited, depression, fear or angry! Own a cool run escape account can be a good tool for you releasing […]

Giving Our Children a Better Emotional Example than We Had

  No matter how old or young someone is, where they have come from on this planet or Sometimes life makes me feel crazy, and at those times I have to remind myself that everyone feels this way. It is too easy to get sucked into the emotion of that one moment, forgetting that it […]

The Energy Of Emotional Wellness

  Man's obsession with  physical fitness is apparent where ever you go. There is a phenomenal improve within the development of health clubs and gyms. Individuals have grow to be aware of their body picture that they're willing to go the added mile just to have the same sculptured body like those which have been […]

Emotional Affairs - Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

  Emotional affairs have destroyed a lot of marriages and separated many couples. Marriage counselors even believe that emotional affairs is more dangerous than a sexual or physical affair because it involves emotional feelings and attachments. And this is also the reason that makes it difficult to prevent and to stop. Emotional affairs happen because […]

What Is Emotional Intelligence

  We all know a story about someone who was exceptionally intelligent, but who could not make big career strides because he or she lacked good "people skills." We probably also know of someone who is not particularly intellectually gifted but who progressively rose to top-level positions. How do you explain one person's failure and […]

Emotional Disorders Among Seniors

  Emotional disorders among seniors present unique challenges to family members and caregivers. Emotional disorders differ from person to person and in some cases present intermittent symptoms, making diagnosis and treatment difficult. In fact, one overarching issue for the elderly is chronic anxiety disorder since worry overshadows each part of life when a senior discovers […]

Are you having an emotional affair?

  Once you at least partly accept that, for a lot of people, the workplace is the source of many an emotional affair; you may want to know how to avoid getting involved in one, or maybe you need to identify if you are close to the edge of an emotional affair, without realizing it? […]