Lessons We Should Learn From the COVID-19 Pandemic

The present COVID-19 Pandemic should be looked upon from a different perspective- In the Philosophical Metaphysical and Universal approach. The whole miserable and unforgettable experiences have brought a lot of lessons to our life, which should awaken our thinking in a new path for a renewed life journey- A New World Order. Most of the […]

Why are some people hated for no reason?

If we observe our daily life, especially in our family and social circles, it is a very common thing that knowingly or unknowingly for silly or simple matters, we create unnecessary problems leading to an angry or irritable situation ending in mutual hate. Most of the time it occurs without our conscious knowledge. Throughout the […]

How to Approach Covid-19 in A Novel Way?

  In this millennium the entire humanity, irrespective of age, sex, creed, custom, religion, socioeconomic status and country, are experiencing the most miserable, disastrous and challenging threat – the attack by the Coronavirus Disease – Covid-19 which emerged by the end of 2019 in China. Really everybody is in a nightmare and under the grip […]

Why do people suffer from Anxiety mostly at Night?

Anxiety at any point can make it difficult to go about the day and hamper your ability to function normally. Anxiety during night time is especially worse as it does not let you end the day on a good note, thereby affecting your efficiency for the next day. However, any problem can be solved if […]

8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good for Your Health

There is no doubt that traveling is good for health, perhaps traveling is good for the soul. Undoubtedly traveling comes with a bouquet of uncertainties, however, there are some pleasant surprises packed out of your journey. Recently I have been to a trek with my college mates and guess what, our souls are cheering out […]

What is the best way to cope with Suffering?

Suffering happens to everyone and we all experience it at some or the other point in life in various capacities. It is an inevitable part of life. It may be due to depression, loneliness, loss or abuse. Some of you might be in the hospital because of illness, or may be suffering severe depression because […]

What are the Benefits of Couples Counseling?

Arguments and disagreements are healthy for the strength of a relationship as long as they are dealt with in the right way. Whether you are experiencing some communication gap or a lack of understanding, it is always helpful to consult a couple counselor if you can’t simplify the issue by yourself. Attending Couple Counseling Sessions […]

Why Wellbeing is a Necessity in Daily Life?

Life is full of ups and downs. Your attitude and overall wellbeing determine how well you take up the challenges in your life. With a positive mental attitude, you can expect good things to happen. A positive approach in life will transform positive energy into reality. Wellbeing in living enables to overcome difficulties in life […]

Why Spirituality is Important in Today’s Life?

‘Spiritual’, often used synonymously to describe the concepts of religion. However, contemporary it describes the inner life of an individual. To understand the importance of spirituality in our life, we need to understand its meaning. Meaning of Spirituality Spirituality is something that is related to the human spirit and soul. It is concerned with nothing […]

Why Depression is a Major Problem in America?

As per the recent reports, depression is one of the biggest challenges that Americans are facing today. In fact, going by the reports, depression affects one in every fifteen adults in any year in America. With the growing cases of depression, it becomes vital to understand about the issue, its symptoms, causes and treatments. This […]

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

In recent times, owing to the competitive environment and tremendous work pressure, people have adopted an inappropriate lifestyle. Monotonous work and long working hours have increased the stress level amongst the working class causing mental health issues. Non-working class is also not an exception to mental health issues ultimately leading to a depressed state of […]

How do we improve ourselves in front of anyone?

Improving our self definitely means you want to express yourself or otherwise you want to improve your self-expression. Actually children are more self-expressive than others. This is because they are not thinking about what other people think. They always wanted to express the naked truth. Speaking exactly what is in your mind will help to […]

The Effect of Exercise on our Mind & Brain?

What will happen to your body if you stop doing anything for weeks? What will happen if you don’t move from your bed and only eat, sleep and repeat? Of course, you will start gaining weight, become weak and ultimately transform into a lethargic being. Spoon feeding has a huge effect to your brain. Whereas […]

IKIGAI-An Amazing Way of Life

Every human is at heart a seeker and they search lifelong for something that fulfills them. The search can be for materialistic needs, a sense of recognition or even the need to be loved dearly. A very limited number of people, though dare to take the plunge to seek their own authentic self. Mankind is […]

How To Change Our Life By Physical Activity

Exercise is very beneficial to your body and mind. All sorts of physical activities will simply make your life much better. Exercise makes an individual stronger, both mentally and physically. The health gains to exercise are indisputable. You will experience stronger muscles, improved body posture, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, better sugar levels, and much […]

Mental Health Care in Stressful Situations

For many people, discrimination is a reality that they can’t run away from. It is something that happens to them frequently or something they are exposed to regularly. Experiencing or witnessing discrimination can create symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These include shock, anger, sadness, guilt, and stress. The stress of dealing with or […]

Emerging Eating Disorders in America

The eating disorder is becoming a common problem around the globe. It affects people of all ages, genders and races. The eating disorder comes in many forms such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, binge eating and Orthorexia. As per the recent studies, up to 24 million people in America alone struggle with an eating disorder […]

11 Interesting Habits of Happy People

Happiness, for many, is an emotion that is attached to several triggers. You may notice happy people: the kind that just seems to be in a state of smiles, come rain or shine. They always radiate calm and soothing vibes and have a lightness that is the envy of most people weighed down by life […]

The Differences Between Astrology and Psychic Readings

Are you trying to decide between having an astrology and a psychic reading? In any case, both will help to give you insight into your current situation. If you like checking your daily horoscope, then an astrology reading might be best for you. Otherwise, you can call on a trusted psychic for guidance. The most […]

Top Reason Why Married Couples Hate Each Other

We all have seen couples who have been together for years and decades, but they don’t seem to like each other at all. In fact, you might notice their extreme dislike or even hatred towards the other spouse. We wonder how a couple that got married so in love and spent so many years together […]

How Do You know That You Are Really Anxious?

The stress of handling various tasks and balancing several roles in life can easily slow down a lot of people. Even the strongest of people we know have their moments of weakness on a bad day. Anxiety is not a new revelation when it comes to mental disorders, but it is taken lightly by people […]

How to Stop Procrastination Easily

Procrastination is a time management crisis that covers all areas. And if care is not taken care of, you become addicted to the short-term satisfaction to the detriment of real success. To deal with delays, you need more than a decisive solution, you need to create a forward-looking, prosperity-oriented way of thinking. What future do […]

Stress Management in Personal Life

Stress is an organism's response to a stressor. Stressor means anything which is capable of producing stress. It is a feeling that people have when they are overloaded. As we all knows that, day to day busy life will always create some type of stress. Actually, people are struggling to cope up with the demands […]

What Is Schizoid Personality?

Schizoid personality disorder is characterized by a longstanding detachment from social functioning, they will have difficulty in expressing their emotions. They usually express their emotions in a restricted range when communicating with others. They usually will not require intimate relationships and close friendships. They always want to spend most of the time alone. They will […]

What Is Paranoid Personality?

In paranoid personality disorder individual will have the persistent pattern of distrust and suspiciousness over others. They usually think that motives of people surround him as malevolent. They may even behave that, others want to exploit or harm them. The important fact is that there will be no evidence to support this conviction. There is […]