How To Be Cool & Calm By Eradicating Your Anger

Anger is a feeling-while it very well may be an extraordinary one it is a natural feeling that numerous individuals feel. It is OK to feel angry, however, you need to realize how to relinquish that anger when it creeps up on you so you can remain quiet in tough spots thus you don't allow […]

What Is Unconditional Forgiveness?

We all have been through many ups and downs in our lives. There have been occasions when we have been let down by people unintentionally and on some occasions, people have hurt us intentionally. During such times our emotions and thought process are at a peak. Sometimes we end up making decisions or taking actions […]

To What Extent Is It Possible To Show Respect Or Tolerance And Still Disagree?

You all have been in situations where things got on our nerves. Sometimes you were able to control your feelings but sometimes you vent out everything. People often confuse respect and tolerance when such situations take place. Respect and tolerance are very different from each other. The differences are often discussed and debated. In this […]

Shiva Shara Yoga

Shara yoga is a practice that focuses on attaining physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing by bringing one's awareness and control to bear on one's breath, also known as prana. "Shara" can refer to either the breath or the vital energy. In contrast, "yoga" can refer to either spiritual, mental, or physical practice. The practitioner of […]

What Is The Ultimate Truth Of Life?

From the beginning of time, people all over the world were in search of the real purpose, the origin, nature, the reality, the meaning of life. Various thinkers and philosophers and spiritual teachers, gurus and the like persons in all religions and culture were continuously thinking about it and making various theories and postulations. Truth […]

Are People Fundamentally Good Or Bad In General?

When we analyse our life in a different perspective we can find that there are various types of people with difference in behaviour attitude and approach and different ways of thinking. Some people are good, some not and some possess the quality of both. When we know someone we try to understand their lives, thought […]

Present Problems of Youth & Solutions

Youngsters are the future of any nation. They are the driving force behind a country's economic, social and political development. However, they face several challenges and problems hindering their growth and development. Some common problems that youngsters face include unemployment, drug abuse, mental health issues, and peer pressure. In this article, we will discuss youngsters' […]

Prayer Request

Dear Visitor, Let us express our gratitude to the Almighty for having a Divine Prayer session for you. Both of us are blessed by the Grace of God. We have got a group of divinely charged, devoted, and blessed persons who will be sincerely praying for you, mentioning every problem you have narrated from your […]

Philosophical Counseling

The goal of philosophical counseling is to help people deal with life's circumstances in a productive way. Philosophical therapy aims to help clients develop more useful ways of thinking, not just to address their immediate problems, but also to make them better equipped to handle similar issues in the future. Our philosophical counselors, working under […]

Why We Think Negatively?

Have you ever struggled with negative thinking? Have you caught yourself rehashing negative thoughts over and over in your head? We all do. We all go through this unpleasant and counterproductive phase in life where our thoughts seem to be negative and extremely discouraging. In many cases, our negative thoughts can even lead us towards […]

Why We Wonder?

Wondering is one emotion that inspired our greatest achievements in art, science and religion. It is all about entertaining and exploring possibilities. To wonder is to live in a life of hope and faith. We certainly can manipulate they way we want, but have you thought about why do we do that? Why do we […]

What Is Gaslighting and How Can You Avoid It?

The word "Gaslighting" stems from Patrick Hamilton's 1938 drama "Angel Street," which was later adapted into Alfred Hitchcock's film "Gas Light." A manipulative husband tries to make his wife believe that she is losing her mind in the thriller film by making small alterations in her environment, such as gradually lowering the flame on a […]

Why We Are Not Comfortable?

What do all humans have in common? That at some point, things and people make us uncomfortable. Plenty of reasons in the world have the ability to make us uncomfortable, we do not quite know how to handle our discomfort. Why we are not comfortable? The uncomforting feelings usually have a trigger. They provoke an anxious response […]

After Covid-19, What Next? A New Beginning!

“Let us realize that life is a series of challenging experiences and let us awaken to face all the problems with courage and confidence for a better life”                                                        […]

Why are we irritated?

Feelings of irritation and anger are triggered by the way we interpret certain situations and react to them. Different people have their triggers for what makes them lose their temper. Some common ones can be feeling invalidated, threatened, or feeling that one is being treated unfairly. Emotions can be somewhat considered relative. They vary from […]

Why we are sadistic?

The act of inflicting emotional or physical pain on others for personal enjoyment is known as sadism. As unreal as it sounds for any human to possess this dark quality, it is perhaps a common emotion in many of us. There are many studies that indicate how common this tendency is and focuses on a […]

What Is Shamanism? The Role Of Shamanic Healing In Today’s Life

  Shamanism is one of the most effective ways to heal people from misery and suffering. People from various professions are turning to shamanism to gain access to a peaceful life. Since it is not an organized Religion but a Spiritual Practice, it cuts across all faiths and creeds. The beauty of shamanism is that […]

Why we are Disgusted?

Right from dirt to pickles and or chitterlings to cockroaches, the things that gross us out says a great deal about us. Essentially, when you feel irritable by something, your brain is trying to protect you from something dangerous. However, since human emotions are more complex in nature, understanding the cause of it is of […]

Why are we Frustrated?

All frustrations come from ‘the lack of understanding’. It may be with respect to a particular situation or a person's behavior or choices. We get worried, rush things up and out of this nervousness conclude that it is not "going well." We should examine three questions that we ask ourselves at a time of unbearable frustration, just […]

Why do we remain Annoyed?

Annoyance is not a very pleasant feeling. But just like all other feelings, it exists in our personality. But the fact is that no one likes a person who remains constantly irritated, cranky and annoyed. You have to try to control the anger and keep yourself from getting hyper in situations that generally make you […]

Why do I mentally trap myself in places when I worry?

There is a part of the human mind that works unconsciously and processes and comprehends information automatically without our deliberate awareness. This part of the human mind is automatic in its functioning and is involved in almost everything we do. Psychologists claim that thinking works on both the conscious and the unconscious level. Many visualize […]

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea

Healthy life is something that anyone loves to have. So as to follow such a life, one needs to follow certain healthy ways of life, such as consumption of good food, regular exercise and good thinking. Rooibos tea consumption is considered good for the health and is gaining popular among most of the people round […]

How can I stop feeling restless?

A huge majority of people today are facing emotional, financial and self-uncertainty which is making them utterly restless. The feeling of restlessness makes the people uneasy and disturbs the peace and health of their mind and soul. In the face pace of the developing world, people are so engrossed looking and running towards their profession […]

How The New World After COVID-19 Pandemic?

Never in our life had we had experienced such a heartbreaking time like the COVID-19 disaster, which will remain in the history of mankind forever. Irrespective of the age, sex, creed, caste, religion, belief systems or socioeconomic status, it spread a colossal misery to mankind. The physical, mental, financial and related stress and strain had […]

Exploring Ourselves In Disasters

The global pandemic has restricted us in many ways. We are all trying to retreat from our normal rush of life and confining ourselves to our homes, to get rid of the COVID attack. This is a kind of retreat and isolation that some are not able to take in the right sense. It does […]