Natural Life Change

The lack of one's life satisfaction is a common thing nowadays. Every day we see wealthy and successful people and we can't resist asking "How did they make it? Why can't I earn all that money? I'd love to be wealthier to do the things I wish, how do I make it?" Probably the most […]

Take on Those Mountainous Life Challenges

A friend of mine the other day told me a business idea he thought up that, in my opinion, was brilliant (not going to blurt out the idea for fear that I will be responsible for somebody stealing it). However, upon telling me this he basically talked himself down from starting this business venture from […]

Understand the Law of Karma to Overcome All Life Challenges

The concept of karma is an integral part of many eastern religions. The law of karma, also known as law of cause and effect, is the basic pillar of Hindu philosophy. According to the law of karma, the physical and mental actions of a person are binding. Whatever happens to us (good or bad) in […]

How To Face a New Challenge

I was asked how to face a new challenge and this post is answer to that excellent question. Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. ~ Mark Twain. When we're facing a new challenge there are some basic precepts that hold good whether the it's a new job, a […]

Tips For Choosing A Career

Choosing a career is probably one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. Whether you are fresh out of school or in college or enrolled in online degree, it is vitally important that you seriously consider your personality and interests before making career decisions. Choosing a career is a vital decision all of us […]

Activities That Enhance Your Brain Power

Just search on the net, "How to enhance brain power?" and you will be showered with a number of techniques, tips, books as well as games that explain how to improve your brain power. Some of them also include balanced nutrition, physical exercise and also some complex mental exercises. The question is how many of […]

How To Increase Your Brain Power

How To Increase Your Brain Power Many of us feel that it is natural for us to lose our mental agility and keenness as we get older. This certainly does not have to be the case. It has nothing to do with old age but rather our lifestyle choices and poor thinking habits. So if […]

Playing Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Playing Online Jigsaw Puzzles If you want to play jigsaw puzzles online, you will need to first choose a picture to represent yourself. Overall, the efficiency of the player is determined by the way he or she moves the parts of the pictures. If you make the least movements and finish the picture within a […]

Scramble Puzzle: A Fun Activity for Kids As Well As Adults

Whether we are kids or adults, we all need recreational activities in our life. Otherwise life would be boring and dull. To make it real fun and thrill every human needs to have some hobbies. I have a hobby of solving scramble puzzles. This way I keep my brain sharp and healthy and have fun […]

Improving Brain Fitness

The brain is one of the most important organs in our body, of course we do need all our organs for normal bodily function and life. The brain is said to be the most important because of the ultimate role it plays of controlling a number of organs in the body. Any problem in the […]

Advance your ATTITUDE to Positive for your awesome life!

Attitude is a powerful force that shapes our experiences and ultimately determines the quality of our lives. While we cannot always control external circumstances, we have the power to choose our attitude towards them. Developing a positive attitude can significantly impact our overall well-being, relationships, and success. In this article, we will explore how you […]

Being Spiritually Assertive

Because I'm an inspirational writer, trainer and speaker I'm use to running into individuals who want to know, "Is it okay for me to be assertive?" My answer is always, "That depends." We're all born with a dominant fight or flight responses. This benefits us in life or death situations, but most often assertiveness is […]

About Energy Therapy Techniques

People all around the world suffer from various pain and mental distress. A lot of them invest huge amount of money in getting treated by doctors and buying painkiller medicine. But, the result is only a temporary solution for the pain According to the experts emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances cause physical problems indirectly. If […]

Exploring the World of Human Energy

We are surrounded by a subtle energy-filled world that affects our physical health, mind, emotions, creativity and spirituality. All life forms, including humans, are surrounded by bio-energy fields. And it is through these fields that we interact on a subtle level with each other, with all other living things, and with the Earth itself. Energy […]

Looking for Behaviors When Hiring

The success of any organization hinges on its ability to assemble a high-performing team. While skills and qualifications are important, it is the behaviors and traits of employees that often make the real difference. Hiring individuals who exhibit the right behaviors can foster a positive work environment, enhance teamwork, and drive the achievement of organizational […]

A VERY Unconventional Child Behavior Modification Plan

Instead of cluttering the internet with yet another "me too" type of simplistic parenting plan for modifying a child's behavior... I thought I'd give you something a little more off the wall. Something that you probably have never heard of and won't ever find on any other parenting site. Curious? It's a strategy I accidentally […]


The patterns of our behavior are taken from our current environment. Not everything is peaceful and pleasing but everything can be improved. In order to keep the balance of our lives, our mind has to be in a stable state. Because our mind controls our action, everything you know can be different in a split […]

Your Behavior Is Your Belief

Your behavior IS your belief. Ouch! Most folks don't want that to be true when they first hear it. How about you? I was speaking at a conference and it was lunchtime. I was sitting at a table of participants and we shared a lovely meal. The coffee was served and we were relaxing, I […]

Environment and Human Behavior

The current vision of the world on environmental issues enables a greater scope and detail about what happens to the environment where they are all living beings. Disasters, tragedies, plundering and exploitation of the natural assets have been increasingly explicit in the face of human society, causing environmental imbalances leading to fatigue and the nature. […]

Help for Hoarding Behavior

Hoarding, which is considered a mental illness, expresses itself with an obsessive inability to discard anything, and the uncontrolled acquisition and retention of unnecessary items. It is not unusual that the hoarder becomes displaced from parts or all of his or her living space by virtue of the sheer amount of accumulated junk. Hoarding is […]

Behavior of Restoration an Unseen Self applied

The earlier student music files not to mention audio files presently take a look at emotional behavior, seeing as inner thoughts generally widely recognized to provide a main issue with a wide range of burdens our company come across today. Actually people that minimal effects of limiting his or her own a feeling is usually […]

Teachers - Workaholic Behavior : Can it be any Optimistic Or a Unfavorable Dependency?

With teaching, the work never stops. Nevertheless, you are going to occur to a squealing total stand still should you burn up oneself out. Within this post, let's take into account the difference in between functioning with enthusiasm and also operating right up until you're fried. The expression 'workaholic' is chucked close to pretty a […]

Career Aptitude Test for a Better Career Choice

A career aptitude test, as the name suggests is a test that is taken by students to make the right career choice and is also conducted by numerous employers to find the suitability of a candidate for a particular profile. A large number of career choices are available to each of us and it is […]

Career Aptitude Test: The Right Way to Move Forward

There is no certainty or assurance in any aspect of life, including one’s career. However, if there are tools available that can help us plan ahead and take the right turns in life, we should definitely capitalize and make the most of them. These tools are guiding factors and provide a scale of suitability which […]

Aptitude Tests Need as Much Preparation as the Interview

As if getting a job interview wasn’t hard enough, now employers frequently like to use an aptitude test to further narrow down their selection before you even get to this stage. As the name suggests, they are used to measure a candidate’s aptitude towards different tasks and sometimes they take place between first and second […]