How to Manage Time Effectively?

Specific tasks, projects and goals require deadlines. To manage time effectively, time management must include wide activities such as: prioritizing, planning, setting goals, delegation, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, and scheduling. 1-Prioritizing: The first step for time management is prioritizing your tasks. This is not easy if you have many important tasks to deal […]

How to Manage Stress

  How to manage stress is the question of the day. Not sure when you are going to read this, but it is the winter of 2009, and folks everywhere in the country are suffering the impact of the worst recession since the Great Depression, and I see the stress in my counseling practice every […]

How To I Manage Life

  I hate living with my parents. It takes ages to get good Alexa rank. I always have headaches so I take panama. I hate my brothers. Minimum word count 400 words go articles. Got nothing else to do so might as well marketing. Want to know how much money will have if wife lost […]

Management, Life and Learning

Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is a name that needs no introduction, a scientist and leader, the man has played multifaceted roles while being a crucial architect of modern India. With his unique ideologies and leadership skills, he has connected with the young India […]

Reaping the Fruit of Success in Life

One way to become more successful in your life is to look at the lifestyle and habits of people who are already clearly reaping the fruits of success in life and who are living and growing towards their unique God given potential. What are some common characteristics and behaviour that we can apply to our […]

Art That Symbolizes Emotional Quotient

  Art by definition has various identities and has been prevailing almost as long as mankind has been into existence. It is characterized by expressions and other qualities to portray the thoughts of an artist. Visual arts take the form of paintings, sculptures, photography, performing arts, fine arts and many such other shapes that evolve […]

Only an Option to Narcissistic Emotional Abusers

  Could the famous phrase, "Never make someone a priority in your life when you are only an option in their life" have been coined by a friend of an unfortunate soul that most grievously became entrapped in a relationship with a wily narcissistic emotional abuser? Or could the phrase have been coined by the […]

Recovering from Emotional Infidelity

  Recovering from emotional infidelity takes some time You have both decided that you want to repair your marriage and that the damage of the emotional infidelity is not so great that you cannot recover. Forgiveness will take some time, and it may not be possible ever to forget, but with hard work on both […]

Help To Control Your Emotions

  Whether your emotional tendencies veer towards tearfulness, anxiety, anger or whatever else, uncontrolled emotions take their toll. But there is an easy way in which you can change these instinctive and automatic responses. Emotional control is something that is all too frequently ignored. Far too many people believe that they are stuck with their […]

Stop Emotional Eating to Lose Weight

  Stop emotional eating by understanding the difference between eating out of habit and eating emotional stress. Yes, at any given time you can be eating from habit or eating from emotion. How can you tell the difference? And what is habitual eating? Habitual eating is the habit of being at a certain place or […]

Dealing with emotional children

  Parenting and coaching emotional children, Raise a brilliant child Children are all emotions. The children do not think, they feel. It takes a long time before children learn the art of thinking. Their experiences with the world begin with feeling the world starting with their mothers and the family members. How a child feels […]

Put an End to Emotional Eating

  If you've ever gobbled up a candy bar right before a big meeting with the boss, or spooned your way to the bottom of a pint of ice cream after a bad breakup, then you're familiar with emotional eating. Letting your feelings--instead of hunger--dictate when, what and how much you eat can be very […]

10 Tips For Emotional Spring Cleaning

Helaine Z. Harris, MFT Spring has sprung! Now is the time to clean house, not only outside, but our inner house as well. This is the place where our emotions, attitudes and beliefs reside - you know what I mean, the place inside us from which we run our entire lives. Now is the time […]

Overcoming Emotional Eating

  Food is amongst the primary necessities of life in addition to clothing and shelter, but of the three food is apparently the particular one most sought for due to its life sustaining ability. Regrettably, the overindulgence in this little enjoyment of life seems to have led to eating problems such as emotional eating that […]

Playing Games Released Your Emotions

  You must have heard about so many ways to control emotions in order to closer to success in daily life and work time. Here, I want to say, just release your emotions, no matter happy, excited, depression, fear or angry! Own a cool run escape account can be a good tool for you releasing […]

How to Cure an Emotional Hangover

  Seven Steps to Curing an Emotional Hangover: 1. Recognize it. We tend to overreact when something happens to us that we don't understand. Once you've accepted that you'll experience these hangovers from time to time, they become much more manageable. It's never fun to feel sad or anxious, especially when you have no idea […]

Difference between emotion and spiritual emotion

What are Emotions (bhaavanaa) Emotions are our feelings related to our worldly life. They are basically the attitudes of the conscious mind. Our emotions give us happiness or unhappiness. Emotions are related to our little 'i' (physical body, mind, intellect, ego). Hence, in a state of emotion, we identify even more with our 5 senses, […]

Be Cautious and Steer Clear of Emotionally Unavailable Men

  Every woman is aware of the futility of getting involved with a man who is emotionally unavailable. It is clear from the experiences of many women that it is simply impossible to change them; thus the best option is to stay away from them. After learning of the negatives, you may have taken a […]

Emotional States: Do Our Emotional States Control Our Life?

  There is often talk around the power of ones thoughts and how these need to be changed in order for one to live a better life. And what this means, is that emotions are often overlooked. This could be due to a number of reasons and one of these reasons is because of the […]

Emotionally Managing Hard Times

  With all the bad economic news most of us have been feeling incredibly stressed out lately. Even if you still have your job, it is likely that your savings have taken a big hit. Our retirement plans have been run through the shredder and for many of us our job security is now hanging […]

Various signs and symptoms of drug addiction

  Perhaps you may not know a drug addict personally, but you might have noticed such a character in public places.You must have come across a person addicted to drugs during some point in your life. If you know the indications of a drug addict, it will benefit both of you. Using chemical substances behind […]

Helping Your Family Deal With Your Addiction

  If you check any of the various addiction forums, you will know people suffer from different types of addictions. A person can get addicted to anything such as cigarette, alcohol, drugs, even paint, glue or other things. Addiction means being hooked to something and having no control over your feelings towards that thing. Addiction […]

The Addicts Guide

  Do you hate your addiction? Are you ready to kick it for good? Do you have no clue where to start? The Addicts Guide is here to help you kick your addiction for good. While The Addicts Guide was originally written for readers who had difficulty with alcohol, it's information can be applied to […]

Challenging the Addiction Thought Process

  Entering drug rehab goes against the thoughts that the disease of addiction produces. It can be quite a struggle to battle against addiction thoughts and behaviors and enter substance abuse treatment. There are 4 specific stages to challenging the addiction thought process: denial, resistance, bargaining and acceptance. Denial Addiction will convince the addict that […]

Curbing Addiction Through Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation

  Recovering from addiction is not impossible as perceived by all. Successful recovery is possible through proper rehabilitation treatments. Coming to addiction, people generally perceive that it is one problem that has no practical solution. But the fact is that, there's nothing in this world which the human mind and body is incapable of doing. […]