Spirituality and Fitness -- Do They Go Together?

  Spirituality and Fitness We tend to think of physical fitness as being something that is purely physical. I mean, the word physical is right in there. But there are important spiritual aspects to your fitness and health as well. I'm not talking just about religion here -- although that is part of it. I'm […]

How Do You Get Your Spiritual Drink of Water?

  Water, it's everywhere. We're told to drink 8 glasses of water each day so that we flush toxins out of our bodies. Not many of us actually drink those recommended 8 glasses of water each day, but we know we should. The very same principle applies to the body and spirit needing a spiritual […]

Everyday Spirituality

Everyday spirituality is found within all of us. From your first day on this earth you have been influenced by the ideas of society telling you what kind of person you should be. These ideas and life events molded and shaped you into who you are today. Your inner spirit has taken a back seat […]

A Pleasant Relation Between Spirituality and Psychology

  A Pleasant Relation between Spirituality and Psychology Shiva, an icon and example of a being who stands on the zenith of spirituality is someone who merged the concepts of spirituality to his psych. The relation between spirituality and psychology might be a little difficult to understand but once you are clear with the basic […]

Ways To Grow Spiritually

  Ways to grow spiritually are several. First you have to find some other higher power than ourselves. You may call it God, Allah, Buddha, or anything else. The thing is we have to believe in something that we cannot see. It should be a source of energy that you can relate to. When we […]

Spirituality - Discover Your Road to Happiness

  What is Spirituality? Spirituality can be considered as an inner highway, and this leads only to one place, your permanent and everlasting happiness. As happiness is our real and natural state, spirituality also acts as the transport as well as the highway there. Why Men are Not Spiritual The call of the senses, the […]

Commencement of Brahmavarchas (Divine Aura) Spiritual Practices

  Gayatri Meditation encompasses 3 legs: 1) Nityakarma i.e. Sandhya Vandan 2) Anushthan Purascharan with Sankalpa 3) Yog Sadhana of high stature. Nityakarma is a daily worship rite which is compulsory. Daily our psyche is clouded by taints, sins etc. In order to overcome these taints, one must carry out ones Nityakarma in the form […]

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

  The spiritual meaning of numbers can help us understand the many principles that govern the existence and operations of the things in the universe. The better understanding can enable us to align our lives daily in the path of favor and success. When you know the spiritual significance of numbers, you will be able […]

Relationship Tips - How to Make a Relationship Last

  Relationship tips for lasting relationships. Many relationships don't last the test of time today. There are many reasons but here are 5 top relationship tips to help make sure it does not happen to you. Before I share these relationship tips lets discover where you are in your relationship first. Which one of these […]

The Creating of a Relationship, Love Isn't Enough

  We surmise that the toughest issue seeing somebody uncovering the right individual. After that, we tend to become dispiritedly dotty and live blissfully ever once, correct? Those seeing somebody only too well that tall tales are simply correct within the motion footage. the fact of true is that having and maintaining a relationship isn't […]

Some Dangerous Mistakes Guys Make in a Relationship

Guys can really work on these mistakes in order to have fulfilled and long lasting relationships with their wives or soul mates: Giving a woman absolute power Women have great power in-built in them. Naturally, good ones among them can make good advisers. However, guys usually get into serious trouble when they make their women […]

8 Beliefs That Injure a Couples Relationship

  Getting started with a new relationship is followed by novel obstacles and exciting hopes and feelings. Nevertheless as with anything in life, starting out on the wrong foot can make matters more complex or maybe unachievable. Having the wrong beliefs in relation to relationships can be something which haunts individuals, wounding their relationships at […]

Relationships in other cultures

  Relationships don't go the same in all cultures of this planet. For example, in the Arab world, if you can't provide with coffee for your wife she can get a divorce simply because of that. In other cultures it is fine for a man to have several wives, but he has to pay in […]

Please Help Me save my relationships

  Has someone asked once to help you save your relationship? Many a shattered soul asked this question of family and friends. There are moments in life when you release the thread that joins you and your partner. And there are also times when you want to close this gap and restore forces binding once […]

Differences Between Unhealthy Relationships and Real Love

  There are two reasonably relationships, they're either built on stone, or else built on sand. When a relationship is made on stone the inspiration often stands, since love, trust, honesty, communication and other elements that compose a healthy relationship continues throughout the terms of the commitment. On the other hand, the relationships built on […]

Cracking the CODE for Emotionally Healthy Relationships

  What sets our good relationships with close and intimate partners apart from those we have with our more casual acquaintances is the quality of the emotional connection we share. Emotions are core to human interactions. Without the ability to understand, use and respond to our own as well as others emotions in a healthy […]

3 Sure-Fire Tips To Save Your Relationship

  Have you ever eased dropped on a couple arguing? One of the first things you would automatically notice is how much they disagree. This is very crucial because the main reason they are always arguing is because there is no communication or lack thereof. Lack of communication is the main reason why most relationship […]

How To Identify Problems in Your Relationship

  While most of us would like to think that our failed relationships were caused by someone else, that isn't necessarily the case. Taking the initiative to consider what you might have done to contribute to the downfall is a great first step towards actually repairing a relationship. Blame doesn't really help fix a relationship, […]

Tips To Save Your Relationship

  There are numerous ways you could save your relationship and live happily, in particular when it is on the verge of a break up or divorce. Once a couple exchanges the wedding vows and promises to love, honor and to cherish each other till death - these pledges must form the foundation of their […]

10 Incredible Ways to Start Creating the Relationship that You Want

  There are times in every relationship when other commitments take priority over your husband or your boyfriend, but these times can hurt a relationship. When you start to notice that you haven't been as close as you once were, you will want to start taking steps that will reconnect you with your partner and […]

How to Fix a Relationship and resolve relationship issues

  I guess if you are here you must be in the unfortunate position of going through a recent break up and you want to fix a relationship right? I really feel for you and I too went through this myself not that long ago! No matter what people say to you right now, it […]

For Long Term Relationships Look at the Whole Package

  Using online dating sites when you are looking for a long term relationship is a brilliant way of getting a quick result. Not only do dating services save you from going out night after night in the hope that you just might come across Mr or Mrs Right but they enable you to find […]

Alone Or Not In A Relationship - Who Are We?

  Alone. who are we? This is a very good question. Many of us have at one time or another spent some time alone, or should I say "not in a relationship." It is my assertion that relationships have a far better chance of being successful after two people have been alone for a period […]

Save My Relationship Now Please

  Relationships are complicated and for the most part it takes time and effort to sustain a healthy relationship. Anyone that has been in a relationship can tell you that the feeling of being in love with someone and also loving them back in return is priceless. Let's face it, we all need love and […]

New Relationship Advice

  New relationships can bring about a whole new set of rules. What you were able to get away with in a long term relationship wont fly for a second. Read the following new relationship advice to know where you can go and where you should avoid treading. Getting Sloppy It usually doesn't take long […]