Meditation Ideas For Amateurs

  Meditation is undoubtedly the perfect way out to strengthen your concentration level and put an end to the increasing stress of everyday life. Meditation is in fact known to be a therapy offering wondrous results at a dual level- psychological and physical. However, practicing meditation is easier said than done. It's certainly an ordeal […]

Boost Your Creativity With Meditation

  Meditation has the ability to make long-lasting changes to human cognition, including rewiring how we think, and experience events. A recent study out of Leiden University demonstrated that certain meditation techniques are able to promote creative thinking adding to the growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of practicing these healing and restoring practices. […]

How to Meditate: Become a Master in 30 Days

  The art of meditation is a very powerful skill to have when you are dealing with depression problems. Depression problems may have resulted from a high level of stress and knowing how to meditate properly can reduce the stress levels significantly. Not only will meditation help with managing stress that results from depression problems […]

How to Meditate for Beginners - 8 Essential Factors You Need to Know!

  We meditate to find something of ourselves we unknowingly had and have lost without knowing what it was or where or when we lost it. We may call it the human potential or who we truly are; ultimately, with the capacity to love and zest for life in service to humanity for the greater […]

Information About Meditation Music

  As can be inferred from its name, meditation music is a type of music that is used in the process of meditation. This includes religious songs, reflective songs and modern composition among others. Some songs have been specifically composed for the purpose of meditation and this has been found to be the finest type […]

Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation Leads to Greater Wellbeing and Happiness

  Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation Leads to Greater Wellbeing and Happiness Meditation is not another extra activity to be occasionally practiced when you have the time for it. Nor is it a specialized activity that can only be performed by the few and under unusual circumstances. It is essential for your wellbeing and can be done […]

Benefits of Taking a Vacation at Meditation Centers in India

Meditation centers are a feature which have become very popular in the country of India, having mushroomed all over the country in recent years. These meditation centers [] are usually developed, coordinated and run by experienced teachers - individuals who have a thorough knowledge of the practice of meditation. There are several types or schools […]

The Meditation Courses Made Available by the Z Meditation

  A course can be described as a series of lessons on a particular subject aimed at allowing the student to imbibe practicable knowledge of the said subject. When the individual has decided that he or she needs to gain a freedom of the mind through the practice of meditation, meditation courses [] are a […]

How to Find Effective Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation techniques for beginners could cause some individuals to be nervous as they are new in this field and sometimes times, they just don't understand what to expect. The great thing is, there are many resources that we can find both online and offline which will help us get ready for a meditation program or […]

Reap Rich Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation To Lead A Healthy Life

  Are you thinking of undertaking yoga and meditation and wondering how it can benefit you? Well, there are numerous benefits and it is definitely worthwhile for you to take out sometime from your hectic schedule and learn it. One of the benefits of yoga and meditation is that it helps you to increase total […]

Meditation - The Road To Corporate Success

  If you are running an organization, you want your employees to be agile, productive, happy and rake in the profits. But all can you see is a list piling up of sick leaves and medical claims from your work force. The reason is the increased stress that is causing their productivity to plummet and […]

Buddhist Meditation Techniques For All

  How To Meditate Some people may question as to why they should learn Buddhist meditation techniques. The fact is though that meditation, like many art forms, can only be perfected with the help of reliable, time-tested techniques. Think about it. You wouldn't undertake any serious exercise regime without first learning the movements and repetitions […]

Meditation Process Helps You To Recondition Your Conscious Awareness

  India meditation tour has gained immense popularity in recent times because it houses many spiritual places which helps one in his spiritual growth through meditation. These places have strong spiritual vibes which will help you to keep silent immediately. It provides you favorable environment whereby you are able to attain a positive and peaceful […]

Meditation: Improve Your Health, Reduce Your Stress

  Nowadays we reside in a fast-paced society. Events occur so rapidly that frequently we don't get the opportunity to respond in a meaningful way. Too often, instead of thinking things over, we make sudden and impulsive decisions. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Each of us has to loosen up a bit […]

Meditate for Beginners - Turn Off Your Mental Radio

  The desire to meditate for beginners [] has a truly evil enemy called mind chatter. Think of it like your own mental radio. Yes. It's really terrible! You sit on your favorite meditation place and begin to meditate. All motivated. And after entering a bit into meditation, your mind drifts off, and you start […]

Meditation Tips and Techniques - How to Start Meditating with Ease Today

  Are you keen to learn how to meditate for beginners tips and guides to help you discover the true benefits and positive aspects of meditation for yourself? Meditation can bring so many wonderful benefits to your life and if you have ever spoken to someone who meditates daily then I am sure you know […]

Ancestral Spirituality Versus Modern Day Materialism

SPIRITUALISM VERSUS MATERIALISM As we enter the Age of Aquarius and its new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics man finds himself teetering on the edge of the abyss leading to total destruction. I don't have to explain this to you. Read a newspaper, watch a TV news program of just walk through a […]

The Two Most Important Steps to Have a Spiritual Awakening

  If you want to attain oneness or have a spiritual awakening, there are two main factors you need to consider. The first step to spiritual awakening is to establish through practicing one of the meditation techniques below that you are consciousness itself and immerse yourself in that realization. Although it is good to intellectually […]

Gardening: Spiritual Practice That Grows

  When you hear the term 'spiritual practice,' the things that probably come to mind are activities like devout prayers and deep meditation. Try going through an actual spiritual life coaching course, though, and you'll find out that it need not always be like that. Gardening is one of the more common as well as […]

How Do We Grow Spiritually?

  There are 5 principle ways to evolve spiritually, and they are all equally as important as each other. Each person will have natural preferences to one or two, but all of them contribute to our spiritual journey towards happiness and peace. The first way to grow is through the heart. The heart is the […]

The Process of Maturation in Spiritual Development

  We come now to the fifth stage in spiritual development, the stage of maturity. Maturation: The Ability to Take Care of Oneself As an organism grows normally, it matures. It comes to the stage when it becomes able to take care of itself. The trunk of the plant becomes stronger, its roots grow deeper […]

Growth of spiritual readings

  Growth of spiritual readings Many times people pursue spiritual readings in past life due to triggers in current life. People who often have difficult relationships or who have recurrent negative patterns that keep showing up require healing. One may choose to work on their past life in pursuit of healing; however, if the problem […]

Various Stages of Spiritual Practices or Sadhana

So far uncovering of the 5 sheaths and Kundalini Shakti or Divine Serpent Power activation have been looked upon as very special but also very difficult to execute. To an extent this is true. Yet our endeavour has been such that all beneficial methods should be made available to the common mass. Due to the […]

Spiritual Wellness - Why Do We Strive to Find Spiritual Wellness?

  But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to remembrance, whatsoever, I have said unto you. Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. […]