101 Benefits of Meditaiton

Meditation is an Age old Spiritual Practice known to the entire Humanity. All over the world, people are practicing various types of Meditation & the like methods in their daily Life. People generally practice Meditation for a number benefits like freedom from Worries, Anxiety, Tension and the like innumerable Emotional problems. We also practice meditation […]

Happiness In Daily Life

Endeavor to change the way you look at things. Always look at the bright side. The mind may drag you to think about negativity and difficulties. Don't let it. Look at the good and positive side of every situation. Think of solutions, not problems. Listen to relaxing, uplifting music. Watch funny comedies that make you […]


Positive thinking is a way to succeed in life. Most people lack this wonderful quality which ultimately reach in attaining success. Success, is something which a person needs not only in one’s carrier, but also in one’s personal life. No matter how strong we are in mind, we find ourselves trapped in one or the […]

Our life Real or Unreal

As personalities, the pertinent question that perpetuates Our Mind throughout the Ages, from birth to death is regarding our own Existence. In our standard of living, we have a tendency to face plenty of Challenges, Confusions, Contradictions, Suffering, Miseries, Anxiety, Tension, Worry, Unhappiness and a number of alternative issues. many an time, several of the […]

Some Thoughts in Life

If eyes area unit windows to the soul, does one keep your eyes clean? Dirty windows mean you have got one thing to cover. If your face is filled with worry, you may cause others to fret. is that this an honest thing? Give a heap of your time to the development of yourself, then […]

Positive Concepts In life

Be within the Mystery of Life. Be receptive every expertise that you just have. The Origin of Suffering a Pain is Attachment to an outcome - past, gift and future. Law of Detachment - Happiness is material possession go of any attachment or expectation. We produce our own Reality. What you're thinking that manifests. Visualize […]

Being Emotionally Healthy

Love with all of your heart. Enjoy your family Before acting think twice Stay positive, hopeful & open. Change negative self speak. Have a ‘yes i can’ perspective. Don’t entertain excuses. Think absolutely concerning yourself. Get smitten by your dreams and do not surrender, you're as capable and in as your passion and energy. Accept […]

Why We do the Following ?

In our day to day life we can see that, people behave differently in many occasions which creates a lot of problems, confusions & conflicts in our relationships. Many a time, these things happen knowingly or unknowingly.Let’s try to find an answer to many of the behavioral patterns & problems that we find in our […]

Health Awareness Importance

Health caring is one of the very important matters now. A person who is completely healthy can't understand the values of health, but a person with severe illness can understand the problems due to lack of health. So creating a better health awareness is an essential thing. There are various ideas are now available about […]

The Power of Prayer - an interview

Hiya! I ran across an interview conducted with me on the topic of prayer by journalist and writer Mandy de Waal in 2003. It's always fun re-reading a transcript of something like that a few years down the line. Thought you might find it to be of interest as well. Regards, Clive Medical research is […]

I Pray That You May

The honor up the nation's into it when God's people walk into that holy city they'll bring the glory of God into that city they will glorify God in their minds in their emotions and their bodies they'll bring the glory and honor and God the nation's into what the Bible says but their shell […]

The Power Of Positive Prayer: Pray Tell Part One

If there is anything the Big Three monotheistic religions agree on it's the power of positive prayer. What I pray for is an end to human stupidity; those who believe in the power of positive prayer in the first place. My prayer will of course go unanswered. The Purpose of Prayer Before-the-Fact What do I […]

The Power of Pray

Can we refuse the power of Pray today? Prayer can be all emotional, freely, or it can take on a more scientific approach. It all depends on how you view pray. The right pray is the "Lord's Prayer" and the scriptures tell us how to pray. Proverbs 7 talks about the beginning of Wisdom and […]

Be Careful What You Pray For

  What is your prayer life like? Do you find it hard to pray? Do find it hard to find time to pray? When you do pray do you have specific things you are praying for and you ask God to answer your prayer in a specific way? Basically, do you give your wish list […]

Rape! Is It A Recent Addiction In India?

I toss around in bed, trying to dodge the piercing sun. It feels like someone is pounding my head with a hammer. The stench of last night’s rum and vomit hit me. I feel like puking. Getting up, I go wash the vomit caked in my beard. My bloodshot eyes stare back at me. I […]

Stress In Daily Life

Let's Understand What is Stress ? In any area of life, when you have a good definition of something, your understanding of that thing increases considerably. When your understanding increases, your ability to use the information increases. So it is with stress. A good definition of stress would increase your understanding and your ability to […]

The Perfect Life

“These lousy days! I wish I could sleep all day! I wish my boss stops yelling at me! I wish I had a Mercedes.. I wish to go to NY..” The list goes on and on. There are ‘n’ number of things which we wish had happened, like the ones I quoted. Its human tendency […]

How to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

If you are having difficulty coping with life you are definitely not alone. Your ability to cope with life's ups and downs depends on how well you are mentally equipped to deal with them. Even the toughest people will, at sometime in their lives, suffer from some sort of mental downturn. We tend to be […]

Subconscious Mind for Health and Wellbeing

Ever wondered why likes of Yuvraj Singh, Lance and Lisa Ray were able to conquer a fatal disease like cancer while so many others succumb to it? Even when the expert doctors had given up all hopes of their survival, these individuals changed their thoughts, built up their reserves of positive energy, fought the symptoms […]

What Is Wellbeing?

Starting up a website about wellbeing and health led to the question, What exactly is wellbeing, and how does one translate the correct meaning to the reader?€ Dictionaries are often great places to start for general definitions: Well-being [wel-bee-ing] noun -a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; […]

An Introduction to NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

                                    ENTERING TO A WORLD OF CHANGE! “The greatest Revolution of Our Generation is the discovering that Human Beings, by changing the Inner Attitudes of their Mind, can change the outer aspect of their Lives" By William James – Eminent American Psychologist Let us change to change ! Let us start changing ! Let […]

Brain Storming

Brainstorming works by focusing on a problem, and then intentionally coming up with as many answers as possible and by pushing the ideas as far as possible. One of the reasons it is so good is that the brainstormers not only come up with new thoughts in a sitting, but also spark off from associations […]

Theta Healing

Imagine owning and being 100 % in your own power, being self reliant, self responsible and self empowered. Imagine being able to manifest anything you ever wanted and know that it is possible, that you deserve it, you are worthy of it and that it is safe for you to have it. Imagine a life […]

Daily Journaling

Some people have the difficulty in expressing themselves through words and actions. How about writing your going through with your life or what you feel in your journal? But first, buy yourself your very own journal, or diary that you can write stuff about yourself and your points of view. You can share your own […]

Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to reconciliation. When there isn't forgiveness, there is distance in a relationship, grudges are held, anger arises, vengeance wants to be done and we want to punish people over and over again in our minds. All these things are unhealthy for a relationship. As the example that Jesus has given us. […]