Do you Know the Dangers of Colonoscopy

Healthy life is possible only when we are free of all kinds of body ailments. While facing a health issue like colon diseases, one needs to figure out the right treatment and for this the right diagnosis is very essential. Finding out the abnormalities in the rectum and colon is possible while undergoing the procedure […]

10 Health Dangers Of Poor Sleep

Sleep is an important ingredient for health. It may be more important than we realize. A recent study from Fitbit discovered that the average night's sleep in India is 6.55 hours. That is significantly less than the 7-8 that are recommended for the average adult. Luckily there are many options for those who suffer from […]

The Hidden Dangers of Fast Foods

Cheesy pizza, loaded scoops of ice-cream, a big box of doughnuts, some pretzels, few sodas - oh! Are you already dreaming about these delicacies? Well, to be honest, everyone who has been on a diet has their bucket-list of cheat meals. In fact, most people wait for their cheat days so that they can hog […]

The Dangers of Chemical Air Fresheners

There are certain odors inside the house which are very unpleasant. There are certain times when you might feel that the atmosphere inside your car is dull. The solution you think of to solve these certainties is to use air fresheners. Spray air fresheners, plug-ins, beads, gels -- air fresheners come in different types with […]

Some Dangerous Mistakes Guys Make in a Relationship

Guys can really work on these mistakes in order to have fulfilled and long lasting relationships with their wives or soul mates: Giving a woman absolute power Women have great power in-built in them. Naturally, good ones among them can make good advisers. However, guys usually get into serious trouble when they make their women […]

The Wellbeing Dangers Of Operating

  Running is without having doubt one of the most strenuous sorts of workout and can get a hefty toll on your physique unless your are conscious of some of the risks and take preventative motion. This write-up explores some of the well being dangers connected with operating and suggests some useful measures to enable […]

Beware Of the Dangers of Stress and Weight Gain

  One of the dangers of the stress is that if are unaware of the stress we are suffering from. You can recognize it if you are putting weight. Here are some advices and helpful ideas for stress and weight gain. Weight gain and stress Many people who are suffering from stress are not able […]

The Dangers Of Opiate Addiction

  Opium has been around for hundreds of ages. Today, many individuals have established an opiate addiction that handles their lives. Opiates are very highly effective drugs that can take over a person's life remarkably promptly. If you or someone you understand is struggling with an opiate addiction, it may be important for them to […]

Addictive Dangerous Behavior

The question is: "Are addictions in fact bad habits?" According to the dependancy model of addiction, they are. This thought of addiction states that the one explanation why to say there is a difference is to persecute "addicts." Other folks with dangerous conduct of smoking often feel a lot persecuted. While smoking is not unlawful […]

The Dangers Of Repressed Anger And How To Overcome It

There are two types of anger: repressed and expressed anger. You are very familiar with the latter. It is when you tell the other person that you are angry. You are not afraid to show your emotion. Repressed, on the other hand, is completely the opposite of it. You do not show it. You do […]

Dangers Of A Negative Mind – 3 Steps On How To Free Yourself From It

What kind of mind do you have? Many of us find ourselves in one negative situation after another, and wonder why this is so, without realizing that our circumstances are only results of the quality of our minds. If you walk around with a mind full of negative programming, this comes out in the form […]

Do You Know These Foods That Make You Cool & Calm

Anxiety is a typical issue for some individuals. It's a disorder characterized by fret and is sometimes related to poor brain health. Nature has numerous blessings one can get comparable advantages through eating plants and spices that abound in nature that helps in relaxing and calming. Additionally, there are a few foods you can consume […]

Amazing Health Benefits Of 'Vitamin D'

Vitamin 'D' is a significant factor that assists with regulating the measure of calcium and phosphate in the body. These supplements are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles solid. Vitamin D is at times called the "sunshine vitamin" since it's produced in your skin because of sunlight. This fat-dissolvable vitamin is in the family […]

Do You Think Science Will Offer The “Final Answer” To All Problems?

Different countries of the world go through different types of problems. Every problem is different and has different solutions to it. However, if the problem is not socialistic, science is the answer to most of the problems. The contribution of science towards the growth of the world is huge. The world would not have been […]

Present Problems of Youth & Solutions

Youngsters are the future of any nation. They are the driving force behind a country's economic, social and political development. However, they face several challenges and problems hindering their growth and development. Some common problems that youngsters face include unemployment, drug abuse, mental health issues, and peer pressure. In this article, we will discuss youngsters' […]

Why We Are Frightened?

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. It can have a very strong effect on your body and mind. When you are frightened, your body sends strong signals of response as if you were being attacked. For some people, the feeling is so common that they feel threatened even when they face non-dangerous events. […]

Why We Feel Foolish?

Does your brain ever tell you that you are a fool and will only face failure? If yes, then chances are that at some point in your life, you have felt stupid. It is only human to doubt your own abilities, however, when such feelings consume you entirely, it screams danger and you must immediately […]

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

To gain a better and healthy lifestyle, people who are health conscious tend to avoid salt consumption to a very large extent. The sodium which is the main ingredient of common salt can be the prime reason for cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, heart diseases and stroke. But while avoiding salt, you tend to suffer […]

100 Healthy Habits That Will Change Our Life

Healthy lifestyle changes affect not mere your longevity but more than that. The changes even big or small can have big effects on your wallet and the world around you. So if this much of gain is there the why you are waiting for making some key changes in your life and health care that […]

Why we feel lonely?

Despite all the ways we have to connect with friends, family and acquaintances, there are a lot of times when we feel lonely. It is an emotion that is triggered due to a bad memory, over analysing things and a bad mental or physical health state. Many people take this strong emotion lightly and reason […]

Why We Are Agitated?

Agitation is usually associated with aggravation, annoyance and restlessness. It is normal to feel agitated from time to time given a hectic work schedule or a competitive educational environment. However, it could also be a serious sign of an underlying medical or psychiatric condition and must require your immediate attention. In order to cure this feeling […]

Why We Are Indifferent?

Indifference is also known as apathy where one does not care about or take any action on anything happening around them. Everybody experiences this from time to time. However, it becomes more dangerous if you do not take preventive or quick measures or are unmotivated to treat it. Why are we indifferent? There may be […]

Why Are We Hostile?

Most of us encounter was confrontational and hostile at some point in our lives. We may catch ourselves expressing anger in a seemingly non-hostile way. This may often happen in both, our personal sphere or in the professional environment. We deliberately mask the way of expressing covert feelings and while we may think that is a way of life, […]

Why we are Disgusted?

Right from dirt to pickles and or chitterlings to cockroaches, the things that gross us out says a great deal about us. Essentially, when you feel irritable by something, your brain is trying to protect you from something dangerous. However, since human emotions are more complex in nature, understanding the cause of it is of […]

How Covid-19 Is Transforming Our Life

The physical impact of Covid-19 has endangered not only the lives of human beings but also adversely hit the economy. Above all, it has taught us some important and eternal aspects of life. It has forced to change the flow of life both in terms of direction and speed and to many of us, it […]