“The greatest Revolution of Our Generation is the discovering that Human Beings, by changing the Inner Attitudes of their Mind, can change the outer aspect of their Lives”

By William James – Eminent American Psychologist

Let us change to change !

Let us start changing !

Let us Experience the Experience of change !

Let us see what is Happening !

Let’s answer the Following Questions

  • Are we changing ?
  • How often we change?
  • Can we deny change?
  • Is change a spontaneous phenomenon?
  • Should we change?
  • Why should we change?
  • How we change?

Change is taking place at an Incredible rate

Change is the only constant in this World

Change in the only Reality in our Life

Really, Reality is Change itself


Now the Pertinent Question is

Can We really change Our Life ?

Certainly the Answer is “Yes”


By understanding Our Mind & it’s functions

How change happens Quickly ?

By Changing Our Perception, rather than by changing the World

Can We change our Perceptions Spontaneously ?


Let’s make a small Change, then We can see a Big Change in the end.


Let us pause for a moment!

Look retrospectively from a different perspective!

Let us observe that we were changing always.

We might have tried consciously to change our life many a times!

We might have succeeded or failed!

Is change very difficult?

Will it take a long time?

Really change happens in an instant, if we really opt for change .

Instead of going into the what, Why and When of change,

“Let us understand the How of Change”

Let us understand the most Important & Precious possession in our Life is

“Our Mind (Our Brain)”

Our Brain in a powerful Thinking Machine.

Our thoughts are the blue prints for success or failure.

The beauty of the Human Brain in that with knowledge and discipline, we can re-program it for success.

It was previously thought that the Brain was hard wired and relatively unchangeable.

Now the recent advances in Neural Sciences, Technology and Psychology make it possible to unlearn our old behaviors and learn new behaviors and more powerful states of mind.

New leaning causes a physical change in the brain, especially when we start believing, really believing in our ability to achieve success.

As we focus on there new thoughts, the brain start creating new Neural connections and Networks,

changing the physical linkages in the Brain, leading the Belief to become the Reality. With continued belief, day by day these connections become stronger and stronger and success become more accessible.

The most sophisticated & the biggest computer ever created in this Universe is the Human Brain.

The Brain is the Hardware & the Mind is the Software.

What we are going to offer you in software manual for the Brain, so that we are going to experience the beginning of an instantaneous change in our Life, Learning how to:-

  • Run your Supercomputer – Your Brain the way it was designed.
  • Change your thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions and perception when and how you want to.
  • Change your habits and behaviors, in less than an hour, even after you straggled for years.

Be the way you wanted to be :

Activated and active all ways

Confident in times of crisis

Tenacious and motivated when it really counts

Sensitive and respective always

Have all the subjective experiences that you really want.



NLP is the acronym for Neuro -Linguistic Programming. NLP depicts the fundamental Dynamics between Mind (Neuro) and Language (Linguistic) and how they affect the Mind and body (Programming)


(Refers to our Nervous system – Our Brain, Mind & Mental Path-ways of our 5 senses & the like)


(Refers to our ability to use languages and how specifically our words, phrases and symbols reflects our Inner mental Works. Linguistic also refers to our silent languages of postures and gestures (Body languages) and habits reveal our thinking pattern, beliefs and many more)


(Is borrowed from computer science, to suggest that our feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions are simple habitual programs that can be changed by upgrading our “mental software”)

NLP tells us how to Re-program our mind set up by using words and symbols

NLP in the Science and Technology that makes us understand about

How we understand about, What we understand ?

NLP guides us to our real understanding by helping us to study ourselves in the subtle level.

NLP enables us to awaken our Inner potentials and abilities.

NLP in really a Psycho technology- The Technology for Mind programming.

NLP is the transformational Technology for

  • Total Achievement
  • Positive Personal Change
  • Peak performance
  • Spontaneous Creativity
  • Human Excellence
  • Harmony and Happiness

NLP is a multi dimensional process – Leading to behavioral competency, Flexibility and Strategic thinking.

NLP Provides tools and skills for personal growth and self motivation, communication, health care, teaching, business, counseling, stress management, leadership qualities, behavioral changes and so on so forth

NLP is about Self Exploration & Self Discovery

NLP is about Our Wisdom & Insight

NLP provides the scientific basis for a positive and purposeful living leading to the actualization of our heart’s desires, dreams, mission, vision and views.

NLP is about Mind –body interface, and the ordinary P/C is about man-machine interface.

If your understand computers, you already understand NLP.

NLP provides the technical know-how to operate your Super Bio-Computer = the Brain and Mind = In the most effective and positive way.

Now we are having the driver software for this Millennium.

“That is Neuro –Linguistic Programming or NLP”


The Fundamental Basics of NLP

NLP is a result oriented Positive Psychology (Applied Psychology) which deals with the

? How of a situation, focusing on the End Result & is not concerned about the

? What, Why, When & Where

‘NLP is about the HOW of what we want to achieve in our Life ?’

Founded on the modern sciences of Biology, Neural Sciences, Psychology, Psycho-Neuro- Immunology, Linguistics, Computer and Information Technology- NLP begins with the End in Mind with the new principles of how the Mind and Brain functions


(1)      Change makes Change

(2)      The Map is not the Territory

A Word is not the Thing it describes

A Map is not the Place it depicts

A Symbol is not the Thing it represents

People respond to the Internal Maps of Reality – Not to Reality itself

“At a given moment our conscious mind can process only 7(+or-) 2 Bits of information from the Billions of information that impinge upon our Nervous system”

We use a series of Filters which Generalize, Distort or Delete Information from our Sensory Experience

(3)   Every experience has a structure and Internal Representation

(4)   Real understanding comes with Experience

(5)   The Mind and Body are parts of the same system.

(6)   Underlying every behavior there is a positive intention.

(7)   Every behavior is appropriate in some contest.

(8)   Everybody is having all the internal resources that is necessary.

(9)   People will normally make the best choices available to them in any given situation.

(10) If one person can do something, any one can learn to do the same.

(11) If one is successful in one area or aspect of one’s life, one can be successful in all areas

(12) This no such thing as failure, only few back

(13) We cannot Not communicate- We are always communicating.

(14) The meaning of communication is the response we get.

(15) If what you are doing is not working, do something else – Any thing else.

(16) If you go on doing what you are doing now, you are likely to go on getting the same results.

(17) If you want something different, you must do something different and keep on keeping.

(18) The person with more than 3 choices in a given situation is most likely to get the desired outcome.

(19) People are not broken or shattered, what is necessary is only Reprogramming.

(20) People have all the resources they need to make the changes they want.

(21) ‘Possible in the world’ or ‘possible for me’ is only a matter of how.

(22) The highest quality information about other people is behavioral.

(23) It is useful to make a distinction between behavior and self.

Understanding NLP – The Golden Keys

Change makes Change
The Map is not the Territory
Experience has a Structure & Internal Representation
Real Understanding comes with Experience
The Mind & Body are of the same System
Underlying every Behavior there is Positive intention
Every behavior is Appropriate in some context
Everybody is having all the necessary Internal resources
People make the best Choices available to them
If one can do something, anyone can learn to do the same
If one is Successful in one area of Life, one can be Successful always
There is nothing called Failure, only Feedback
We are always communicating
The meaning of Communication is the Response we get
If what you are doing is not working, do Something else – Anything else
If you go on doing what you are doing now, you are likely to go on getting the same
If you want something different, you must do something Different & keep on keeping till you get the desired outcome
In a given situation it is better to have more than 3 choices
People are not broken or shattered, what is necessary is only Reprogramming
If you don’t Reprogram your Life, somebody will program you
If you are failing to plan you are planning to fail
‘Possible in the World’ or ‘Possible for Me’ is only a matter of How ?

The How of Experiencing

Every Experience, Emotion, Feeling, stimuli or Perception creates an Internal Representation or Map or Blue print in our Neurons and thus in our Mind

What is Emotional State ?

An emotional state is the sum total of all the Neurological processes occurring in a person at a particular point of time.

In our daily life We all experience
Resourceful states (Confidence, optimism, love, joy, curiosity, Enthusiasm etc)
And Un Resourceful States (Depression, worry, apathy, anxiety, fear, sorrow etc.)
All Human Behavior is the result of our state.

The Three Basic NLP Approaches

1.Decide what you want or achieve and think about it and make it into a Positive Statement.
2.Increase the mental vividness of the same so that you are really attracted to it.
3.Get associated to this New Mental state and repeatedly rehearse the same in your Mental Screen

You will be amazed to experience and enjoy there new changes really in your life in the coming days !
Please practice at least these 3 Experiments!
Let us see what is happening!!

Why should we practice NLP ?

  • “It in an attitude of insatiable curiosity about Human beings with a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques.”

  • ‘Richard Bandler – NLP Co-developer’

  • All persons dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

  • T.E. Lawrence

  • NLP is really the Art and Science of creativity, Excellence, Human perfection, Harmony and Happiness.
  • Learning & Practicing NLP will activate, accentuate & accelerate your Thinking pattern in the Right & Straight path in an amazing velocity, so that you can pick up precious Pearls of Vision & Wisdom from the pebbles present in the bottom of this vast ocean of life, in the Days, Weeks, Months & Years to come.
    Dr. Purushothaman


Beware!! If You practice NLP, You may improve Yourself !!!

The Gateway to Unlimited Achievement

Finding Your current Co-ordinates !

Discovering your Motivation Direction & Priorities !

Making your Dreads into Dreams !

Turning your Dreams & Desires into Achievable Goals !

Making your Goals Irresistible !

Creating Inevitable Success !

Appreciating Rest & Relaxation is your Life !

Finding & Transmitting your Mission & Vision !

Listening with Patients & communicating better !

Practicing the Magic of Physical & Mental Alignment !

The Secret of creating Wonderful Feelings !

Understanding the Values of the Heart !

Appreciating the Love in the World for you !

Stepping out of Limitations !

Amplifying what is Excellent !

Accelerating your Learning !

Making the Peak a regular part of your Life !

Creating a Break through Mind !

The practice of loving what you do !

It’s a Wonderful Life – if you notice !

A Mind Exercise for All of Us – Let’s imagine !!

A Miracle has happened in your Life in a fine Morning !
You are experiencing really what you really wanted to experience in your Life !

  • How would you know the Miracle had taken place ?
  • What would you see ?
  • What would you hear ?
  • What all Changes in your Carrier would have happened ?
  • What all Changes in your Financial position ?
  • What Changes in your Health ?
  • What Changes in your Perception of Life ?


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the end result of the pursuit of Human excellence by two brilliant Americans in the Seventies, working in the University of California, Santa Cruz – RICHARD BANDLER, a computer scientist and Gestalt therapist, and Dr JOHN GRINDER, a linguist and therapist.

The Pertinent question which perpetuated their mind was:

“What is the difference that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent and some one who excels at the same skills”

They studied :

The difference between ordinary and excellent persons.
The behavior, habits and thinking pattern of many successful persons in various walks of life.

Bandler and Grinder invented a process known as ‘Modelling’ that enabled them to study three of the World’s greatest therapists (Dr Milton Erickson, Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir). They wanted to know what made these therapists effective and to train others in their methods. What is offered today as NLP is the product of this modelling process.

Know the Initial Models

FRITZ PERLS (Psycho-Therapist)

VIRGINIA SATIR (Family-Therapist)

MILTON ERICKSON (Hypno-Therapist)

The Following Works are also incorporated with NLP

General Semantics
Systems Thinking

Were also incorporated in to NLP
The following great names are also worth remembering :
Judith De Lozier, Robert Diltz, David Gordon, Steve Andreas, Anthony Robbins & Others.

Let’s meet the Founders of NLP

John GrinderRichard Bandler 1


Believe it !

Today, NLP offers Us the Golden Key to unlock our Inner Potentials to express, experience & enjoy a Flowering Future

Who should practice NLP ? – Everybody

Parents, Students, Educators, Trainers, Health Professionals, Managers, Business People, CEOs, Athletes, Artists, Actors & the like persons

Benefits & Uses of NLP in Our Daily Life

NLP in Personal Life & Self Development
NLP in Relationship
NLP in Business & Wealth
NLP in Communication & Sales

NLP in Health
NLP & Learning Skills/Creativity

NLP & Total Human Transformation (Human Perfection)

Uses of NLP in Detail

Gain Personal Power in any area of your life with the best NLP power tools

Increase your Self-Worth, becoming more confident & attractive

Set-up, an automatic, ‘Hey, you are AMAZING!’ reminder

Eliminate those negative voices in your head forever by dealing with “Psychic Vampires”

Get motivated to do any task

Finally get rid of lifetime phobias with the Fast Phobia Cure

Make life more funny and enjoyable

*  Experience and enjoy Abundance in our life

Eradicate life-long limiting beliefs

Gain powerful new insights for problem solving, creativity enhancement & general wisdom

Destroy unwanted compulsions: Alcoholic? Smoker? Other addictions?

Eat a Healthier DIET by re-programming your mind/body to prefer healthier foods

Learn how to Recall Memories Faster

Discover a simple and powerful technique called ‘Instant Inspiration’/’Confidence Booster Methods’

*  Enhance, Experience and enjoy your love making skills

Master the techniques of ‘Anchoring’ and Swish pattern to change our life experiences.

* Flowering of Personal Power & Full Potential

* Increased Self-worth/Self-esteem/Self-confidence/Self-image

* Have more choice & Total Enjoyment of Life

* Enjoy Emotional Freedom and be in control of our own life

* Get rid of Old Mental Blocks, Negative Thoughts, Unwanted Habits

* Freedom from Fears, Phobias, Addictions, Anxiety, Worry & Hurry

* Freedom from Tension & Stress

* Lead a Balanced Life by feeling Calm & Relaxed

* Become an Effective Communicator in all areas of life

* Enjoy Better Health, Vigor and Vitality

* Experience a State of Positivism always

* Really become what you really want to become

* Freedom from various Health Problems

* Freedom from Psychosomatic Disorders

* Freedom from Past Mental Traumas & the like



  • Build lasting relationships & partnerships through deep rapport
  • Use your training experience to increase your income potential
  • Develop formal and informal coaching and leadership skills
  • Understand the effective use of language as a skill of excellence
  • Use your NLP skills to increase your value in the workplace
  • Develop  skills for better listening and assessing the exact time to interject and lead a conversation
  • Recognize how others are using language to influence you and regain control
  • Identify the unconscious, physical signs sent to you by others- read body language effectively
  • Use more than 50 methods for creating positive and lasting change from your clients and yourself
  • Have multiple perspectives on a situation to gain choice and leverage
  • Learn how to gain critical information from people to clear up misunderstandings and initiate change
  • Create and maintain the behaviors and emotional states of your choice for a higher quality of life
  • Identify what you genuinely want, and structure goals that will achieve it
  • Guide your team or your clients to become more resourceful… systematically, quickly and effectively
  • Develop a consistent and positive outlook and attitude
  • Motivate yourself and others even when things aren’t going as well as you would like
  • Learn critical and essential information gathering skills
  • Use language patterns that influence and inspire others
  • Gain leadership skills that to motivate other people in a proactive way
  • Learn to give ‘feedback’ that people will accept and respond to
  • Identify and eliminate unwanted, limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones
  • Turn stressful situations into personally enhancing ones
  • Eliminate unwanted fears and phobias
  • Know how to resolve internal conflicts for your clients and yourself
  • Change unwanted habits and behaviors to productive patterns
  • Ensure that the skills you learn will work easily in the real world

Who All Attend Our Programs

Parents, Children, Students, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, Negotiators and Mediators, Private & Public Sector Leaders & Professionals Managers, Human Resource & Service Industry, Public Speakers & Writers, Politicians & Diplomats, Law Enforcement Persons, Sales Professionals, Secular & Religious Counselors, Therapist & Life Coaches

Our Regular NLP Programs

1.Introduction to NLP

2.NLP Training Programs

3.Applied NLP

Applied NLP (Tools & Techniques)

1. NLP & Rapport

2. NLP & Various Accessing Cues

3. NLP & Modeling

4. NLP Meta Programs

5. NLP & Business and Sales Promotion

6. NLP & Goal Setting Tools

7. NLP & Effective Communications Tools

8. NLP & Mind Mapping, Learning & Memory Improvement Techniques

9. NLP & Seven Steps Re-framing

10.NLP & New Behavior Generating tools like

* Anchoring
* Swish Pattern
* Matching, Mirroring & Pacing
* Loop Breaking
* Pattern Interruption

11.NLP & Time Line Traveling

12.NLP & Fast Phobia Cure

13.NLP & Freedom from Psycho-Somatic Diseases

14.NLP & Positive Health and Well being

15.NLP & Emotional Freedom Techniques

16.NLP & Stress Management

17.NLP & Motivational and Inspirational Themes

18.NLP & How to be Happy in Daily Life

19.NLP & Active Meditation Methods

20.NLP & Better You/Me Program

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