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“A musician named Romualado,49 years, from Cubao once found himself suffering from a cardiac injury and cholesterol deposit in his heart. He went through a long medical treatment with not much improvement in his health. He was ready to do anything to get the Health back and that was when his son urged him to try Pranic healing. After taking only a few sessions of Pranic healing, the musician started to feel signs of recovery. His cardiologists were astonished by his instant recovery without any need for hospitalization.”

A complete cure without medication was something unheard of for Romualado.

Pranic healing worked like magic in his life.

Was it really a magic? What exactly is Pranic healing? Let us discover.

Prana or Ki means energy that keeps your body alive and healthy. In Greek, it is called name and in Hebrew, rho, which means breath of life. Pranic healing was discovered by Choa Kok Sui after practicing paranormal healing for many years. He believed that every patient had a potential to heal oneself if only one had the willingness.

Pranic healing is also called energy healing as it works with the energy present around a human body. A human body has two bodies – physical body and Energy body. The physical body is the one we can see, feel and touch. The energy body is the aura present around our physical body as an extended layer covering four to five inches. Any illness or disease is majorly caused by an energy leakage either in the physical body or in the energy body.

Pranic healing is an alternative method for treating diseases which works on the energy exchange that happens between Energy body and the physical body. The energy body aura is influenced by the physical, emotional and mental states of a person. You may not see the aura of the energy body, but you can definitely feel it. Energy may not be seen, but its impact can be very visible. Have you ever felt extremely uncomfortable sitting near someone without any apparent reasons? It is this energy body of the person that you may not like.

Knowing how our energy body works can solve many of our health problems as we can then try to heal ourselves.
Our energy body is made of eleven chakras that are located in different areas of our body. They absorb the Prana (vital energy) from the environment and supply the same to different parts of the body helping them function properly. We have a healthy body when all these chakras are aligned and Pranic healing works to align them.
The art of energy healing is nothing but balancing all these chakras
What can Pranic healing do for you?

It can increase the rate of healing 3 times faster such as cough and cold that can be cured in a day or two and loose bowel movement can be cured within a few hours.

It can relieve gas pains, headaches, toothaches and muscle pain almost immediately in most cases.
It can help reduce body temperature of children in a few hours in the cases of high fever.
Major illness related to eyes, liver, kidney and heart can be relieved in a few sessions and healed in a few months.

There is more to it and more stories of human health transformation. Dr. Purushothaman Kollam is doing doing Pranic & Energy Healing from 2007 onwards and had cured more than 10000 patients from all over the world.

• Are you suffering from any Physical illness?
• Are you worried about any incurable diseases?
• Are you fed up with other methods of treatment?
• Are You feeling Low?
• Are You totally Confused?
• Are You totally Worried?
• Are You Unable to concentrate on Your Work?
• Are You Unable to sleep Well ?
• Do You have a Broken Family Relationship?

We are having continues Pranic and Energy Healing Sessions,
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Our Panel of Pranic & Energy Healers,
under the Direction of Dr. Purushothaman, will be giving
Up-to-date & “State of the Art” Pranic & Energy Healing

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