Couples Counselling - c - roundedWe all know that marriage is actually a life long binding with a man and women, standing on the physical, mental, spiritual, social & legal pillars
Our married life is the most precious possession in this world, enabling us to perform our duties in the family & society in the most effective way.
Really the experience of being married is the most memorable event in everybody’s life
The act of marriage is the beginning of a new beginning in our life
By & large our duties and responsibilities are more after marriage.
From the beginning of time, marriage is considered divine & precious by all Religions, Culture, Societies, Customs & countries and still it is continued.
But recently, as our systems and customs are changing.
We can observe that Conflicts, Confusions, Contredictions and the like are increasing, resulting in marital disharmony, broken family relationship and divorce.
Instead of harmony & happiness in married life, we are experiencing sufferings and miseries.
As per various statistical surveys in all countries, the percentage divorce increasing day by day.
Let us understand that an ideal married family life should be based on certain values & virtues, which are acceptable to the individual, society & country.
An ideal partner should show maturity in all aspects, openness, acceptability, affection, sincerity, dedication, empathy & sympathy, mutual understanding and caring, forgiveness and the like refined qualities.
He or she should be physically and mentally fit and sexually sensitive and active.
He or she Should have a sense of humor and let go attitude.
Above all, the ideal partner should have a spiritual inclination and faith and should be able to lead a serene, balanced and harmonious life.
In this situation, for any couples or pre-marital persons, appropriate and timely guidance, advice and easy and effective counseling is highly needed
With this ideal mind, Dr. Purushothaman Kollam is providing a free Online Counseling for premarital persons and couples helping them to choose the Right Partner and to lead a happy married life in the coming days.
We are providing a series of Counselling Activities,
Both Online & Offline.

Our Panel of Clinical Psychologists & Counsellors,
under the Direction of Dr. Purushothaman, will be giving
Upto-date & “State of the Art” Psychological & Counselling Support
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