23 Unknown Things About What Is Not Meditation & What Meditation Is

what is meditation

Meditation is a practice prevalent all over the world, irrespective of age, sex, class, community, religion, spirituality, locality, country, custom, socioeconomic status and-the-like all differences from time immemorial.

Recently, various scientific studies and research on meditation has created more curiosity in our mind.

It is scientifically proved that meditation has got various Health Benefits like freedom from stress and strain, freedom from chronic diseases, mental problems & also for experiencing Physical,Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Well being,Harmony,Happiness,Peace & Love

If we can understand these benefits of Meditation, it is certain that each & everybody will start meditating now itself for a Better Life

Now more and more persons are trying to follow various systems of meditation.

And the pathetic thing is that, people are really confused and puzzled to find out an appropriate method, path or system to attain a true meditative state. Let us know that there are lots of misconceptions about Meditation.

In this connection, if we can understand some facts about “What Is Not Mediation”, our perception,attitude & approach will change & then we will really realize  “What Meditation Is”.

23 Things That We Should Know !!

1. Meditation is not the Word or Thought Meditation

Most of the time when we hear and listen the word Meditation,we are really excited and we just think about meditation and then search and follow many methods and paths and we will never meditate.Gradually the initial enthusiasm fades away.Please understand that the word or thought meditation is not at all important to meditate.

2. Meditation is not what we know & believe

We are living with various concepts,beliefs and preconceived notions about our whole life. When we come to meditation, the fact is that we are under the grip of our limiting beliefs,which are registered in our mind and memory.So we think that our beliefs and concepts about MEDITATION are true. Really, he reverse is the truth.

3. Meditation is not what others are saying

We know that meditation is a subject which is widely discussed in our day to day life, especially in today’s hectic and stressful living, where people are more concerned about the well being and healthy life. Most of us, out of curiosity and enthusiasm to lead a happy and balanced life,accept and follow what others say. Actually, when we follow what others say we will never understand what real meditation is.

4. Meditation is not what we learn & practice

From various sources we learn many meditation practices which are confined to the specific mind setup of the originator of that method. Following the special methods will not make you meditative, rather will make you more inert and inactive and will never serve the original purpose of meditation.

5. Meditation is not a Religious or Spiritual Activity

From the beginning of time,all meditative practices, systems and methods where attributed or linked to various religious or spiritual teachings due to our belief system.Actually, if we observe transparently, we can find that meditation has nothing to do with any religion or spirituality,as meditation is really a part of our everyday life.

6. Meditation is not Imagination, Visualization or Lucid Dreaming

Many types of Imaginative ,Visualization & Lucid Dreaming methods are followed by various schools of Meditation.The followers of these systems may experience various types of Visions ,Thoughts,Sounds and the like many,many things.These are some of the mental effects due to the mental exercises they follow to attain some goals.But in true Meditation these things have no role at all.

7. Meditation is not for everybody is a Myth, really it is for All

The concept that meditation is intended for a particular group of persons with specific quality and lifestyle does not have any authenticity at all. We are all human beings living in the vast universe by the grace of Almighty God. So everybody should enjoy meditative state.

8. Meditation does not need the help of a guide or guru or system

The very idea that meditation needs the help or support of a Guru, Guide or Master is not all true,because meditation cannot be learned from anybody else as it is a self-evolutionary process.And moreover each and everybody is unique in this universe.

9. Meditation is not a form of relaxation and self hypnosis

The Majority of us are under the impression that meditation is synonymous with Relaxation,  Self- hypnosis and the like physical and mental programs intended for a variety of benefits for the body and mind. We will really understand the difference in an authentic meditative state.

10. Meditation is not against our Thoughts and Emotions

Our thoughts,feelings and emotions are part and parcel of our life. An average person is having about 70 to 80 thousand thoughts per day. The point is that we are unable to stop our thoughts. So the very concept that the meditation is against our thoughts and emotions does not have any validity at all. This understanding will definitely change our attitude towards meditation

11. Meditation is not concentration, contemplation or exclusion

There is a deep rooted concept that in order to meditate one has to concentrate or intensely focus on one thing or one thought and  is advocated by many systems of meditation. Various studies on this topic have revealed that the very effort of  any concentration or focusing makes our mind more and more stressed and may not give the desired result. The fear that we are unable to concentrate or contemplate on a single thought or object should be abandoned for actual meditation

12. Meditation does not need Lotus position and other Yoga Postures

Various postures, positions and sitting patterns are advised by many systems of meditation and  many a times we are unable to adopt this particular position. This has created a lot of confusion about meditation. The fact is that there is no set position, posture or pattern for meditation. If we can give up this type of ideas, we will be in a better position to meditate.

13. Meditation is not chanting any Mantras and Praying

Chanting or repeating various Mantras or specific words and various types of Prayers and Affirmations are being used for meditation by many systems.Of course Prayers,Mantras and Affirmations have got  importance in Spiritual and Religious practices.But when we come to true meditation, it is entirely different. Actually mediation has nothing to do with these practices, as it is an entirely different Phenomenon.

14. Meditation need not be practiced in Spiritual places, can be practiced anywhere

People are really concerned about that place and location to Meditate. Most of us believe that for meditation,spiritual and religious places like Temples,Churches,Mosque and the like holy locations are essential and for that reason many are really worried about meditation. But all scientific and related evidences reveal that this is a great mis-concept.Really meditation can be practiced by anyone at anywhere and at any time.

15. Meditation is not at all Time-consuming &  can be practiced for any length of time  

The time-related specification about meditation has really confused us in a big way. Actually,there is no specific time for meditation,as it is a continuous process.So let us give up this idea forever.

16. Meditation is not for gaining Psychic & Occult Powers

The stories and evidences regarding various Mental,Psychic and Occult Powers are attributed to meditation throughout the ages and cultures.The development and expression of mental powers is a different thing which does not have any connection with meditation.Meditation is  beyond these special powers and abilities which many persons have.

17. Meditation will not make us Emotionless, Inert & Lazy!

There is a feeling among people that meditation is a state of inactiveness and a passive state in life.This very idea is keeping away a majority of persons who want to meditate.In fact the truth is entirely different.Actually,our thoughts, feelings,emotions,attitudes and approach will take a different path if we understand the fundamentals of true meditation.

18. Meditation is not at all for any special Experience like Bliss

For long ,people were eager to find or experience the so-called Ecstasy or Bliss state as the end result of meditation. Really such a desire will never will take us into a meditative state.

19. Meditation is not at all difficult as we think

Another limiting belief which was haunting the minds of people was that the very act of meditation is the most difficult thing in life or to attain a meditative state was next to impossibility.But as you proceed to true meditation you we will understand the unreality of the above fact and will achieve the meditative state in the  most easy way.

20. Meditation does not need the help of Technology, Psychedelic Drugs etc.

To add to the effectiveness or to speed up the process of meditation or to reduce the time factor various scientific techniques,methods,gadgets,instruments,herbs and Psychedelic drugs are advocated and many persons are blindly following these things.Really,all the shortcuts will keep us away from attaining the actual meditative state which does not need the above support and supplements.

21. Meditation is not the ultimate answer to our Life-Problems

It is a non fact that our life is full of problems ,challenges,confusions,conflicts miseries,sufferings and other unforeseen or unexpected events and moments which are following us from birth to death.We have to face it with courage and confidence and should lead a balanced,serene, harmonious,happy and peaceful life.There is a gross mis concept that meditation is the answer to all puzzling problems in life.Really it is better to give up this idea.When you are in meditation, you will understand the real fact.

22. Meditation is not for any Special Purpose, Aim, Goal or Achievement in Life

Usually we move forward in our life with specific Ideas,Goals,Aim or Target. The majority of persons who teach and learn meditation move in these directions, thinking that meditation has got a specific goal to achieve. When we are in meditation, we will really realize the fallacy of the above fact.

23. Meditation is not for Anything,but for Everything in Life

Actually the very act of MEDITATION in its true sense cannot be attributed to ANY THING IN LIFE, but is EVERY THING IN LIFE.


“Then, What Is Meditation”?

“ Then, How Will I Meditate”?

“ So What Should I Do “?

   Don’t Follow Anybody……Be Alone….Alone Only ……. 

   Now Start Observing…………………………….

   And Just Start Meditating……………………

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