If one may ask, what is destiny?
Can destiny be defined as a predetermined road we are forced to take by mother nature?
Can it be said to be a giant or supreme force which we are stuck with?
Notwithstanding our spiritual leaning,
it is a common belief that we are meant to pass through life,
through a preplanned route,
executing a mission we were called to execute.
Can it be the reason, a times when someone dies,
through one form of calamity or the other, we say it is his destiny.
It has been destined to happen.
The word destiny is shrouded in controversy and argument,
with several school of thoughts including the Moslems,
Christians, Spiritualists, Occult groups, the layman
or the Atheist and the Philosophers to mention but a few.
That notwithstanding majority of the people believe in DESTINY.
Hence the purpose of this write up.
If one believes in destiny certain questions begs for answers.
Do we have any say over our future?
Has our future already been decided for us?
Honestly, how one chooses to look at the issue of destiny is entirely up to him.
You may go about life believing you are following already prepared agenda.
This topic has always been and always must be
a subject of hot debate and controversy.
Two choices are worth taking,
changing or controling your destiny or to go on blindly,
taken solace in the belief,you are carrying your cross.
Destiny as stated earlier has to do with a predetermined course of events,
call it a predetermined future, if you like.
One may see it as a fixed sequence of events,
that is inevitable and unchangeable.
In as much as I agree to the fact the future is decided
by what takes place in the present
because we are where we are today through our actions or inactions.
I also believe that destiny can be influenced by certain factors,
like faith and determination to some degree.
But as a spiritualist, I know and make bold to state that,
destiny can be controlled, mainipulated
or even reversed especially when a persons destiny is on the negative side.
Take it from me, DESTINY can be altered or changed spiritually.

My challenge, get me anyone who has not been making any head way
in life after the necessary spiritual research,
his destiny can be reversed for real.

May the Cosmic bless you!
About the Author
Dr. Chukwuh,is a Homoeopathic Physician,
Philosopher, a Mystic, Occultist,a spiritualist,
a health instructor, a spiritual researcher, a servant and
a Custodian of some Esoteric wisdom.
A Spiritual scientific Research Center,
and supplier of aids to all mystical mediations.

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