The child behavior problems vary in range among children. The behavior is not definitely fixed in all children. Understanding child behavior is very tedious. Difficult child behaviors normally start from early childhood and grow in each developmental stage. The parents have to meet different types of behaviors of their children.

The child behavior is influenced by different factors. The prime duty of parents is to create atmosphere that will grow confidence and trust in children. When they note changes in their normal behaviors, the parents should understand the changes and try to adjust them. If parents try to adjust the changes, the child also learns to adjust his behaviors as well.

The child behavior problems should be treated constantly and continuously. The parents punishing their children for bad behavior problems are not a correct way of dealing. Punishments lead the children to do it repeatedly. Rewarding is the best thing to raise the children towards good habits. The parents can clearly explain about the bad behaviors and its causes so that the child realize. If the child does good things, he or she should be immediately rewarded. This would sustain him or her from performing poor behavior. All children expect appreciation and protection from their parents. Toddling children are confused when a behavior is rewarded one time and punished another time. So the parent should be clear about their child’s behavior. When a good behavior is rewarded, the child tries to continue it. So whenever a good behavior is introduced, it should be rewarded.

Parents face these problems in all stages of their children. The crucial stage is the adolescent one. Their problems must be checked by parents frequently otherwise they will get chance to fall in using liquor, drug and in doing criminal behaviors. The children are always ready to learn new things. So teaching the good behaviors effectively and repeatedly is necessary.

Child behavior problems are very common. The parents should be open minded to their children. They should tell them the importance of discipline. Some children are by nature mischievous. The parents should not think they have behavior problems. The parent should have knowledge to differentiate good and bad behaviors.

The best way of decreasing the behavior problems is to be the role model for the children. Children learn many behaviors from their parents only. Some people say that the parents are the cause for the behavior problems. But in fact the parents are the solution.
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