Tips for a Positive Life

1. Make your mind the window for positive thinking.
2. Accept what is good.
3. Reject the bad thoughts.
4. Avoid negative vibes in life.
5. Avoid irritating people.
6. Accept life as it is.
7. Try to learn new things in life.
8. Make friends with new people.
9. While facing problems in life, always remember that a solution comes after a problem.
10. Always hope for the best
11. Be a positive donor.
12. Motivate yourself when you are not energetic enough to do anything.
13. Learn good things from others.
14. Be good to others.
15. Always help those in need.
16. Utilize your free hours for relaxation not for surfing television.
17. Respect others, may it be elders, colleagues or even small children.

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