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By replacing hormones in their bodies, caring for their skin through various natural and artificial processes, a lot of people hope to reverse or slow aging. They even engage in strenuous fitness programs that are meant to help with this. Many of them achieve good results for a time and are able to slow down aging. If you do things right too, you too can get the same results and slow down your aging.

Funny how the people who really want to look young even when they’re old are the same ones who are too lazy to do anything about it. Funny also how they happen to be the ones with the funds to see such a thing through. So they pay doctors and scientists for research into things that can make them live longer, if not forever. And hey – the results that come out each and everyday show that science is making more progress into anti aging than was the case many years ago.

You can live longer, and help others around you achieve the same. All you need is a few lectures in anti aging, plus one or two sessions with a renowned scientist within the field. All the secrets about prolonging life, feeding right, and exercising and all the medical and technological processes surrounding regeneration and re-engineering of genes and tissues, that have been unearthed over time, can be imparted into you and you will never again be the same.

Anti-aging is not restricted to physical measures only; there is a psychology involved. Here you must learn to condition your mind such that you see yourself as indeed being younger – such that all the aging in your limbs, all that tiredness, and the lines on your face are not really there. When you find success with this, then you have overcome the first and biggest hurdle to aging.

Many practices adopted by alternative medicine have been shunned over the ages as begin barbaric and… well, archaic. Now, even as technology and medicine advance, a lot of them are seeing the light of day as being ideal for life extension and anti aging processes. If you have any knowledge of them, it could be helpful to you too.

Ancient Egypt has some of the earliest records of life extension and anti aging pursuits. Much about religion was unearthed in the prehistoric pyramids that focused on afterlife. In addition, a lot of attention was given to herbs and remedies such as olive leaf that were believed to promote beauty and longevity.

Back in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs permitted their scribes and spiritualists to find solution to longevity. They hoped to live forever, and remain beautiful in spite of their age. Varying successes were experienced with the use the olive leaf, as recorded on the walls of the pyramids. But obviously, the ultimate goal was not achieved, or else we wouldn’t still be looking for it today.

Some people who live in cultures that ascribe much honor and status to the oldest people are reputed to have lived far beyond 100 years. They have in fact become so common that a new category of such people seem to been born. ‘Super Centenarians’ are people who do 110 years and beyond. Not like they are much used to the neighborhood, other than that contemplation. Are you sure you really want to hang around that long?

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