Aging Skin Treatment and Tips

Now days, effective or not, it exists hundreds of antiaging skin care products on the market; beauty lovers have difficulty to choose a brand. However, to get better results from any anti aging skin care product, you need to understand how the skin ages, and most importantly, what causes aging so that you can use those products according the variation of your skin. With age, your skin goes through different changes:

In your twenties – the first wrinkles start to appear in the face. In general, they are due to the incessant beating of the eyelids that cause the skin to form micro-breaks (skin breaks out that are not easily visible to naked eyes). Those wrinkles develop at the outer corner of the eye and form the fine lines. Although they are wrinkles, they often contribute to your beauty, especially in men. A simple antioxidant cream can eliminate them.

In your thirties – the first true wrinkles appear mostly under your eye. Although controversy, dermatologists believe they are the natural consequence of effects of gravity on the skin. At this stage, the dermis of the eyelids, suffers a lack of protein, which causes the epidermal cells become thinner and less sticky resulting in appearance of fine lines. This deficiency of protein can be resulted from poor diet, emotional problems (stress, depression, sadness, etc.), chemical effects, etc. Simple wrinkle lotion, exercise, and certain vitamin supplements can get rid of them.

In your forties – at this stage, your skin begins to show signs of aging highly visible and negatively affect your beauty. Two specific factors in this change: the natural aging of skin cells, the inevitable consequences of hormonal disorders related to menopause or andropause; and other effects related to environment and lifestyle, such as Air pollution, stress, poor or unhealthy alimentation. When occurs this stage of your life, to keep your skin radiant and beautiful, you need to use safe and natural anti aging skin products.

Most sellers of anti-aging products promise miraculous results within days. They claim that their products can make you look 10 years younger in less than 2 weeks. Let’s say there is no miracle cure in the field of anti aging skin care; there are just effective treatments to prevent or delay the undermining signs of aging if you use them as recommended (sometimes for a long term), and with a good diet and healthy lifestyle. While we are  not encouraging you to run after expensive products, you need to be cautious with cheap skin products; some of them can damage your skin and cause serious health problems.

Use regularly and properly, certain products can reverse some signs of aging without causing any harm. However, these products are natural and should be taken externally (cream, lotion, mask, etc.) and internally (capsules, powder, liquids, tablets, etc.). They delay the aging of not only the skin but also internal organs. They help the skin maintaining its flexibility and elasticity, retaining the amount of moisture it needs, eliminating black heads, and reducing wrinkles. Our anti-aging products come in the form of capsules, creams, lotions and can be used on any skin type. For more information, visit, or click on the link in the Resource/About Author box below.

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