Tips to Get Active

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3-5 year olds:

don’t let your child sit for longer than 30 minutes
focus on fun over competitiveness
use active time as a reward
limit television, computer or other screen time

6-9 year olds:

encourage and praise your child during and after activities to help build his/her confidence and self-esteem
set physical activity goals – let your child choose the goal
focus on fun over competitiveness
limit television, computer or other screen time
be a role model – participate in activities with your child

10-14 year olds:

teach your child how much physical activity he/she needs – this will help your child take an active interest
help your child set personal goals and track his/her own progress
give positive feedback on activities and goals on a regular basis
praise and reward your child for trying new activities or achieving goals

Girls need more support and nurturing to get physically active than boys. Help them build confidence in their abilities and highlight the socializing benefits that physical activity brings. Let them choose the activity.
Ideas to get your kids moving

1-3 year olds:

dance to your child’s favourite music
teach your child the games you played as a child
read your child a story and act it out
sing a song with actions movements like jumping and stretching
toss or roll different sized balls to each other
go for a walk together – if you are pushing your child in a stroller or pulling a wagon, encourage your child to help pull or push for short distances

3-5 year olds:

play throw and catch games with soft objects – start with larger objects and as skills improve, move to smaller ones and get them to use both right and left hands
try balancing games with different parts of the body
build an obstacle course, a fort, play hide and seek, or plan a scavenger hunt to actively explore
be active in all kinds of weather: jump from puddle to puddle, make snow angels or jump in piles of leaves
go for a fun walk – walk slowly, quickly, with heavy steps, on tiptoes, zigzag, with little steps and with big steps and, add hops, skips and running

6-9 year olds:

let your children pick the activities they want to do
play games or sports with your child
sign your child up for age-appropriate sports and activities at your local community centre
go for a family hike and use it as an opportunity for everyone to learn about nature
get outside and skate, toboggan or ski at the nearest rink or ski hill – use local football and soccer fields too

10-14 year olds:

become a volunteer or assistant coach – choose a sport that your child enjoys
let your child choose a variety of activities to try and to find the one(s) he/she likes
play games or sports with your child
use the driveway for a game of street hockey or any other fun activity
go sledding or snow tubing at a nearby hill
sign up for sports and activities at your local community centre

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